Our minds are powerful. We create our reality based on the decisions and choices we make daily. Many of these decisions and choices are subconscious and are a result of past experiences, learned behaviours, attitudes and habits – in other words, the beliefs we hold. We may feel frustrated by situations that make us feel we are beating our heads against a wall. We fall into patterns based on our beliefs, not knowing why we do and why we get the same results. It is as if we are on a recurring path and we can’t find the way to change. It can be challenging to uncover these beliefs as they are often transparent to us, yet they surface in our words, our actions, our behaviours and our results. How do you change or shift the beliefs that limit you (that you may or may not be aware of) and consciously create the beliefs that support the life and the reality you desire?

Belief Re-patterning recognizes that we are wired to sort through and solve problems in our own way and addresses this question through a safe, practical and efficient method of releasing beliefs that have limited you. This learning technique is completely complimentary with all forms of healing and treatment and works within all religious or spiritual belief systems. This technique is a synthesis of psychology, energy work, kinesthetics, an understanding of brain development, learning styles and positive thinking strategies.

Belief Re-patterning uses muscle (kinesthetic) testing to identify the beliefs and issues holding you back in life. When you are really excited or really sad, you feel that emotion throughout your whole body. Because our mind is so in tune with our biology, we can use muscle testing to tap into our body’s response to any emotion we hold.

There is no need to relive or investigate the why or the how. In other words, you do not need to tell your story. Belief Re-patterning clients appreciate this unique aspect of the technique. The results are profound, tangible and immediate. The limiting issues are released and re-patterned. The new empowering beliefs are solidly in place.

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