Beverly Cavadini

  Location:  CALGARY, AB, CANADA A colleague of mine had attended Flip Your Switch and handed me an Inner Critic to Inner Coach card saying, “You will LOVE this!”  I recall thinking, “I am a [...]

Aurora Light

  Location: Edmonton, AB, CANADA Hello Radiant Soul, If you found me, we share a mission: You’re here to make the world a brighter, kinder and more loving place, even if you’re not sure [...]

Chrystal Love

Location: Cochrane, AB, CANADA I have an energy-work practice based in Cochrane, Alberta, which I called Indigo Breath upon direct inspiration from Spirit.  In addition to being a Belief [...]

Shiella Morris

Location: Didsbury, AB, CANADA I am a genuinely authentic individual and I have a zest for life and knowledge.  I have had the opportunity to have many exciting adventures! I am a competent, [...]

Mary Gale

Location: Calgary, AB I’ve had dreams where I find new rooms in my house – spacious and beautiful. Belief Re-patterning is like finding new doorways in my home that lead to these expanded places [...]

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