Different perspectives, reminders of what’s important, or a great way to approach a challenge… Suze reflects on everyday life events, and offers a series of Re-patterning Statements for your learning and support.
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Who Am I – REALLY?

“What do you really want?” “I want to be just like you!” “Oh – you want to be just like you?” “No, I want to be just like YOU!” An excerpt from an actual conversation that happened several years ago with a participant in one of my courses. Anne was feeling lost, and she was […]

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Put On Your Catcher’s Mitt

I don’t follow baseball – but awhile ago I was in Kansas City, Missouri, and wandered by the Kauffman Stadium. I found myself thinking back to all the games of pick up and scrub I played as a kid. At recess and after school I couldn’t wait to grab my miit, and get out on […]

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Valentine’s Day is approaching

Valentine’s Day was approaching, and I could feel the sadness in my heart… yet another Valentine’s Day on my own. The commercials and the store displays were not helping, I was aiming for a full-on self-pity party……. before you get too concerned, this was 15 years ago – read on – there is a fairytale ending! I wished […]

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It’s NOT a crime…

You’d think I’m asking people to commit a crime. “If I consider myself first, isn’t that being egotistical?” Being egotistical is actually a cover-up for not feeling good about yourself. What you are doing when you consider yourself first is learning to feel better about yourself by giving yourself some consideration. I’m not suggesting a […]

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Resolutions fading?

It isn’t so much sabotage as simply an old pattern of behaviour coming from your subconscious mind that runs the programs when your conscious mind is not on “super vigilant”…it is the way we are wired. Your subconscious mind runs the show most of the time – and that is a good thing – however, […]

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It’s Just a Word …

I’ve said and done some mean things in my life – we all have. I feel badly, beat myself up, go over it again and again wishing I could turn back time and “take back” the hurtful words… wait – that’s what used to happen! Now if that happens I recognize I am not being myself. I’ve […]

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Pink Clouds or Black Clouds?

“I Call what you do “Pink Cloud Thinking” “Thank you” I replied.  choose how I respond to anything and everything that is said to me. I frame it within my belief system, and then I respond. It is what each and everyone of us does all the time. In the past I might have felt the […]

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