Different perspectives, reminders of what’s important, or a great way to approach a challenge… Suze reflects on everyday life events, and offers a series of Re-patterning Statements for your learning and support.
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It’s Just a Word …

I’ve said and done some mean things in my life – we all have. I feel badly, beat myself up, go over it again and again wishing I could turn back time and “take back” the hurtful words… wait – that’s what used to happen! Now if that happens I recognize I am not being myself. I’ve […]

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Pink Clouds or Black Clouds?

“I Call what you do “Pink Cloud Thinking” “Thank you” I replied.  choose how I respond to anything and everything that is said to me. I frame it within my belief system, and then I respond. It is what each and everyone of us does all the time. In the past I might have felt the […]

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Creating 2020 Vision

“It’s not about making New Year’s resolutions or forcing yourself to do something different. It IS about focusing on how you want to BE, BEing it, allowing the vision to form, then the DO shows up… And you’ve created what you desire” – Suze Casey A video message from Suze  Ready for mindful clarity in […]

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Give Peace A Chance

Last month I stayed at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth in Montreal. It is the 50th anniversary of John and Yoko’s famous “bed-in” Give Peace a Chance which took place there. There is more peace in the world now than 50 Years ago, and there can be more peace tomorrow than there is today – if […]

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