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Tanya Haverko

Namaste – The light within me honours the light within you

Thank you for showing up and wanting to illuminate your light! Together we can walk this journey by me holding the space for you to authentically be yourself through the amazing technique of Belief Re-patterning®.

This unique modality found me seventeen years ago when my youngest child of three was diagnosed with a rare dis-ease and had a fifty percent chance of living. I knew standing in ICU that I was on a spiritual journey and this great awakening lead me to Suze Casey who is the founder of Belief Re-patterning. This profound and efficient modality helped us to navigate our way through the trauma and find our new way of being. I went with the feeling that we were moving forward and this led us to normalcy. Our new normal was uniquely authentic and we lived in the present moment of feeling alive and joyful again, even though my sons journey molded our life and future by teaching us to live moment by moment and day by day but still be involved with family, friends and our community.

Throughout this experience, our new normal became my personal mission and drive: to live life to the fullest and rise above what is by being my authentic self and living in the present moment.

From a young age I have been drawn to my deeper knowing and wisdom which led me to embracing and immersing myself in Chinese wisdom and teachings. I learned how to connect the bridges between my body, mind and soul from my hearts space. This awareness anchors me to the present moment of truly being myself by immersing myself in the teachings that help to heal myself and my family. When my energy shifts, my family’s energy shifts and that radiates out to others. Through my yoga teachings and meditation, I am more grounded, centered and calm. I embrace being in tribal circles and yoga retreats to learn, grow and heal for the betterment of myself, others and the world.  

Being authentic is unique to each individual and I hold the space for others to step into their own unique way of being in this world. I can help to support others in the process of creating goals, stepping stones, clarity of being in the present moment and to truly be one’s self. By reclaiming one’s own power creates freedom, joy and the willingness to be present to what illuminates your light. When your light is ignited you are able to give from your overflow which is abundant and prosperous. When we create this space of luminosity we have the ability to live life to the fullest and embrace the ebb and flow of life. Let me help support you in illuminating your light!

“Freedom comes when you are able to be as you are, and allow others to be as they are.” Abraham-Hicks


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