Both on-line and live events, so you can experience first hand the magic of Belief Re-patterning!

What Others are Saying:

“I discovered new tools to help me achieve my purpose. I feel more at peace and calmer. I found the missing pieces: Optimism, motivation and my OWN ability!” Ian Power, Calgary, AB

“I went to Suze’s 3 day “Flip YOUR Switch” event in April 2016. I am not the same person. It has changed my life. I asked her, “How can there possibly be anything more to Belief Re-patterning than what we learned this weekend?”
Through follow up coaching sessions with Suze, I am finding out what that more is!
I have instantly let go of issues that I have held onto for years.  It is such an easy process.
When negative thoughts come in, it feels like they instantly boomerang back to where they came from without even a chance to settle into my consciousness. Thank you for this incredible gift and tool!” Lynn P.  Calgary, AB

“Four of us from ICAN attended Inner Critic to Inner Coach and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Suze is a down-to-earth, relatable and entertaining speaker. And always smiling! The key take away was that what we say AND what we think has an impact on others and that the power of Collective Thought is incredible!
As we move forward with a potential move for ICAN, please, everyone, keep thinking positive thoughts, maintain positive energy, be grateful for all we already have … it’s all about Belief Re-patterning – which is the technique Suze Casey created.
And, just a heads up, watch for new signage at ICAN:  Pawsitivity Lives Here!”
Melanie Remple, Invermere, BC (Invermere Companion Animal Network (ICAN) A non-profit, no cage, no kill animal rescue and adoption facility)

“Thanks for the incredible on-line seminar today. As I reflect on how my life is going with Belief Re-patterning, I am deeply oh so fortunate to have come in contact with you!!! Belief Re-patterning is exactly what I need!!”! Gord R, Rosetown, SK

Thanks for a great “This Year’s Going To Be Different” On-Line Seminar part #1.  There were many, many golden moments of learning in there — deep ones. I’m guessing that you picked up on my reluctance and resistance on the call, and I’m just writing to say that things have shifted big-time since then! I thought that where I had been feeling stuck was not so much in just finding the right word to focus on, it was the bigger picture of What Do I Really Want?  Up until now, I have been afraid to answer that question, because I knew it meant that I had to take responsibility for my life and how I want it to be.
In the past I gravitated toward negativity, which only kept me stuck.  However, having practiced a “feeling good” word for a while, I’m starting to like it — and I’ve reached a tipping point where making positive choices makes a lot more sense, and honors What I Really Want: to shine with confidence, peace and optimism in all that I do.
And how we do anything is how we do everything means, to me, that it’s possible to actually LIVE on the right side of the line — that I don’t have to apply negative choices to ANY part of my life.  Hoo-ee!
So how do I feel now?  Grateful, excited, enthusiastic, and genuinely joyful.  And you DID give me the right word, Suze — it was ‘Yippee’ — and now I’m ready to breathe that in and own it.
Thanks for being there for me!!!” Nina Giles, France

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