SWITCH it UP! for Teens
With peer pressure and so many decisions to make, knowing what’s right combined with the deep desire to “fit in”, finding the personal strength to follow through with what they know to be true can be challenging. That’s why we offer this customized program for individuals between 12 and 16.

Our 3 hour interactive program, SWITCH it UP! For Teens uses basic re-patterning activities to build skills for a lifetime, and supports young adults to be solid with who they are so they can make great decisions for themselves.
Live in Calgary, also offered on-line over 3 sessions.

A chance to MeetUp with our licensed practitioners in various locations, as well as on-line, these events are an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals.

Let us know how we can support your group or organization, either by bringing one of our programs to you, or designing a program that brings Belief Re-patterning to the specific needs of your group. From Keynote addresses to 3 day programs (including Laser Coaching!), we’ve applied Belief Re-patterning to a vast variety of topics and groups including:
• Team building
• Sales
• Athletic Performance
• Families
• Personal Relationships
• Fitness
• Community Building
• Addictions
• Professional Development
• Health Care

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