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What Others are Saying:

“During Flip YOUR Switch, I uncovered belief in myself, giving me a huge boost of confidence! I also found my own acknowledgement that I am on the correct path for my life purpose and career. 10 out of 10!” Wendy Aucoin, Airdrie, AB

“I found myself and my place. The best outcome I could imagine? 10/10. I’m there!”
Jim MacDonald, Calgary, AB

“Having taken the courses, and worked directly with you and Shelley for re-patterning, I couldn’t imagine how reading a book could give someone enough of the basics to start re-patterning for themselves. I was amazed to see how clearly and simply you presented the process so anyone new to this could just get started!! You accomplished making Re-patterning available to anyone. Plus, I enjoyed how readable the book is, full of lots of anecdotes, and lots of positive encouragement. The coolest thing about reading the book was that I heard your voice in my head the entire time, as though you were reading the whole book out loud to me!! It’s a wonderful, well written book, one I hope may people will have the opportunity to read.”
Joanne Wright, Cochrane, AB

“The Belief Re-patterning technique has allowed such a loving and compassionate BE-ing in myself to kindly step forward and handle situations and life’s moments with grace and ease. I am thankful for the opportunity I have given myself to walk this life’s journey alongside my Inner Coach and validate where I am at lovingly along the way.”  C.B. Calgary, AB

YES, you can learn Belief Re-patterning!

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