What if I don’t know where my belief came from?
It doesn’t matter where it came from – the good news is you don’t have to discover the “root of the problem” to transform those negative experiences into positive stepping stones toward the future you desire – and deserve.

What if I don’t know what my belief is?
You don’t have to know. You DO know how you are feeling. Belief Re-patterning shifts the emotions that tie the thought in place and create the beliefs. Shift the emotion, alter the thought pattern, change the belief.

What exactly is Belief Re-patterning?
A technique developed during the 1990s by Suze Casey to assist individuals to release limitations, visualize a joyful and loving life, and create self-empowering beliefs. When you work with a practitioner, you move quickly through limiting emotions that have tied those old beliefs in place. The shifting of perception allows you to create positive beliefs that support your dreams and desires. Solidly based in Learning Theory, Belief Re-patterning is an effective and efficient means of integrating positive thinking patterns. Studying the technique through our series of events and programs deepens your skill set and integrates it into your subconscious, allowing you to navigate whatever life brings your way with ease – on purpose and in balance!

Will this work for me?

Is this brainwashing?
YES! Each of us has “old stuff” hanging about in our minds that just doesn’t work! You frequently shower, brush your teeth, and “wash” your physical being – it just makes sense to also support your mind with regular clearing up! Belief Re-patterning has been affectionately called “mental floss” – getting into the dark corners and recesses of your mind! Learning Belief Re-patterning speeds up the mind’s natural way of discarding what it no longer needs – including emotions like frustration, loneliness, despair, anger – and transforms them into peace, love, hope and harmony!

Do I have to tell what happened?
NO! This is one of the beautiful aspects of Belief Re-patterning. You do not need to tell the story. We teach you how to tap into your body’s emotions which are tying the repetitive thoughts in place. When Suze (with a minor in Narrative and Cognitive Psychology) was developing the technique she asked herself this question: “How does re-telling the story over and over fit with what I know to be true – that what we focus on expands?” Early in her practice she watched her clients and students struggle with telling their painful stories. There is a place for “talking through the problem” but most of us get stuck there, expanding and embellishing the story trying to make it “fit” the old pattern. Whatever we focus on, including the old hurts and traumas, expands – and Suze discovered there was no need to “go into it” in order to re-pattern the emotional barbs and hooks. You can shift the perception and re-pattern the thought process without having to tell anyone your story.

I’ve tried and tried, but I can’t figure out what’s going on – how can you help?

Einstein said it best: “The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.” When you are in the spin-cycle, or stuck in a perpetual negative thought pattern, your mind does not have access to its own powerful ability to think creatively. By shifting the emotional charge through the 7 Step Re-patterning process, your mind is guided from the “fight or flight” response to the realm of possibility. With this new perspective you now have access to literally a new level of thinking.

Can I just read the book and “do it” for myself?
Of course. The book is designed to walk you through the technique, and gives you suggested experiences. By implementing the Quick Practices and using the Sample Re-patterning Statements you will begin to re-pattern on some level – how effectively depends on how consistent you are with your practice. Just like you can learn to do yoga from a book, if you want to get proficient with your yoga practice, you go to a class. Having individual coaching sessions will tailor your practice to you and move you through challenges more quickly. It is the same with learning anything. Working with a Practitioner who is masterful with the technique will move you forward more quickly. Studying makes it your OWN.

Is it better to go to a Practitioner for individual coaching, or come to a course and learn Belief Re-patterning for myself?
Our clients will tell you this: Do either, or both. Just start. Training your subconscious mind to DO THIS AUTOMATICALLY is the reason for Belief Re-patterning®. Everyone learns differently, choose what works for you at this time.

What Others are Saying

“Belief Re-patterning has been the single most effective technique that I have experienced to quickly overcome self-defeating behaviours and move forward in my personal life. It has enabled me to uncover the real me and to begin to live my life with power.“ Joan Cosway-Hayes, Reflexologist, Calgary, AB

“I have previously received counseling for long term issues – the Belief Re-patterning® method of working through those same types of issues is far faster, deeper, easier, more thorough! I feel like one session is equivalent to years of conventional therapy!” Rita Fipke, Business Owner, Wetaskiwin, AB

“Belief Re-patterning is exactly what it says it is: a direct and effective route to identifying what blocks you in your life, and it supports you in ‘actioning’ what strengthens you.” Allison G., Registered Nurse, Comox, BC

“I wanted to see what I was capable of and I am seeing with my own eyes a dream of mine coming true. I am still very busy bringing it all into fruition but it is so close and I see a vision of where it can grow and grow and grow. I see lots of progress and I am thrilled with the direction I am going. Thanks for your help and encouragement and the work that you are doing.”
Kay B, Business Owner, Cranbrook, BC

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