The core leadership team of the Belief Re-patterning community are our Practitioners who are licensed to provide one on one consultations. Graduates of our signature system,  they have completed in-depth coursework, a rigorous practicum, and mandatory annual upgrading to assure a quality experience for you.  They host MeetUp groups on-line and in their local area.

FAQs for choosing the Belief Re-patterning Practitioner that fits you and your needs are below.

To connect with the Practitioner of your choice; to read their bio, click on their name!

*Some Practitioners, in addition to providing one on one consultations are also Belief Re-patterning Facilitators in our Learn It – LIVE IT! Program.

** Suze is the developer of Belief Re-patterning, author and Lead Facilitator for the “Learn in – LIVE IT programs”, keynote speaker for Belief Re-patterning, and provides one on one consultations.

You may choose to work with one of our Belief Specialists, our students completing their courses and guided practicum to become Practitioners.

If I can learn the technique for myself, why do I need a Practitioner? 

You will benefit from the direct support of a Practitioner who has practiced this technique over time! These masterful re-patterners assist you at a deeper level than you can achieve on your own. They will help you navigate, keep you moving forward and shine the light into the dark corners with their perspective. All our Practitioners, Suze included, work with each other on those hard to reach spots!

How do I choose a Practitioner?
Each one has a personal bio outlining their strengths and specializations. Browse through and you will discover you resonate with the personality, convenience, experience of one or more of our team. Then reach out, connect and ask your questions!

How long is a session?

We recommend sessions of 50-60 minutes – any longer and your mind goes on overload! Many of our practitioners offer shorter sessions for clients with multiple session packages or regular clients.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions is highly individualistic relying on multiple variables. The most significant factors are your willingness and desire for change, how much of your and “OWN” work you do following your sessions to reinforce your learning, and the significance or depth of the challenge you are experiencing. Remember, Belief Re-patterning is learning, and you choose how, when, where and why you apply the learning. We can guarantee you will experience immediate and lasting results with your first session, and every session following!

How often should I re-pattern?

This is a technique to support growth and change, and since we are all continuously growing, we suggest daily personal practice combined with regular sessions. Each client circumstance is different. Your Practitioner will work with you to determine your pace. Individuals in extreme circumstances may find weekly sessions most helpful. Generally, repeat sessions are 1 – 4 weeks apart initially. We recommend quarterly “check-ins” or “tune-ups” to support on-going personal growth.

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