Looking for a service provider who understands, values and practices positive self-talk in their day to day work?

Positive Self-Talk Coaches do not provide Belief Re-patterning Consultations, Coaching or one on one sessions. They have graduated from our “Positive Self-Talk Coach” Program and provide you with support by embedding Belief Re-patterning into their areas of expertise. They are connected to the Licensed Practitioners, and are happy to refer you to one for Re-patterning sessions.

Many of the Positive Self-Talk Coaches are also Licensed Belief Re-patterning Practitioners. These people have many skills and areas of expertise.

Suze Casey
E-mail: [email protected]
Area of Expertise: Developer of Belief Re-patterning, Practitioner, Keynote Speaker, Educational Consultant
Town or City: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Angela Chapman
Company Name: Infinite Serenity
E-mail: [email protected]
Area of Expertise: Belief Re-patterning Practitioner, Reiki Master, Touch for Health, Brain Gym, Body Talk Access
Town or City: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Tag Line: Infinite Serenity, The Place Belief Re-patterning Takes You
Norah Bird Hamilton
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Area of expertise: Business Development
Town or city: Drumheller, Alberta, Canada
Tag line: We incubate businesses who advance care for self, community and our environment.
Mary Anne Lema
E-mail:[email protected]
Area of expertise: Registered Biofeedback Therapist, Registered Psychosomatic Energetics Therapist (PSE), Solutions Practitioner, Certified Child-care Worker
Town or city: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Tag line: Helping you gain the energy and well-being you desire.
Rita Lucas
E-mail: [email protected]
Area of expertise: Creating the life you desire, Re-location Specialist, Costa Rican Real Estate Specialist, Business coach.
Town or city: Ojochal, Costa Rica
Tag line: Assisting you to live the life YOU desire!
Vicki Baird
E-mail: [email protected]
Area of expertise: Intuitive Life Coach, Belief Re-patterning Practitioner
Town or city: Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA
Tag line: Helping people create their successful life’s journey.
Marnie Johnston
E-mail: [email protected]
Area of Expertise: Certified Life Skills Coach, Biofeedback technician, Belief Re-patterning Practitioner and Facilitator, True colors Level1 Trainer, Over 21 years working with Teens, Social worker
Town or City: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Tag line: Supporting individuals to live their best lives filled with joy & happiness.
Tina Gribby
E-mail: [email protected]
Area of expertise: Financial coaching and accounting
Town or city: Ardrossan, (Edmonton area) Alberta, Canada
Tag line: Helping you expand your vision to greater possibilities and live your dreams, by building wealth for now, for your future and for future generations.
Brenda Holden  Navigate your life from a place of passion and strength
Business Coach, International Speaker, Licensed Belief Re-patterning Practitioner, Belief Re-patterning Facilitator, Teaching Reiki Master, Yoshea Instructor, Intuitive.
Worldwide via web, Calgary, Columbia Valley, BC, Canada
[email protected]
Trae Ashlie-Garen
E-mail address:[email protected]
Area of expertise: Professional Intuitive Advisor; Knowledge Management Strategist; Convenor and Facilitator for For-Profit and Not-for-Profit; Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances; Evocateur and Social Artist; Belief Re-patterning Practitioner.
Town or city: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Tag line: Awaken Yourself to an Unconditional “YES!” for Life!

Janet Wright
[email protected]
Career Management, Leadership Development, Conflict Mediation, Public Speaker
Vancouver Island and Vancouver, BC, Canada
Conversations you need for the results you want.

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