Learn It – LIVE IT! Transformational Seminars Inc. was established to bring training in Belief Re-patterning to you – whether your desire is to deepen your personal skill set, add Belief Re-patterning skills to your existing work life, or become a leader in the Belief Re-patterning community as a licensed Practitioner.

Details of the programs are available at our signature Flip YOUR Switch events, held live in various locations.

Flip YOUR Switch is the prerequisite for all our other programs.

Suze -August 2016 Flip YOUR Switch


The Learn It – LIVE IT! Programs all include on-line learning and support through bi-weekly seminars, individual Laser Coaching, monthly book sessions, and MasterMind Groups.  All sessions are recorded and available in our Learning Centre for Program Participants.



We offer three programs which build on each other:

Way of BE-ing: embeds Re-patterning into your way of BE-ing, creating life-long habits in all areas, and building your solid personal foundation (12 months)

Positive Self-Talk Coach: extends your personal foundation into supporting others informally, and integrating the technique into other modalities (18 months)

Belief Specialists: expands your personal foundation and informal support into a Belief Re-patterning business model, allowing you to earn while you learn and resulting in licensing as a Practitioner (24 months)

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Download – Guiding the Journey! pdf

Download – Focusing on Personal Success pdf

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What Others are Saying

“What a difference Belief Re-patterning has made in my life, I cannot thank you enough!!” Janet Wright, Gibson’s Landing, B.C.

“Belief Re-patterning is the no-muss, no-fuss approach to shifting perceived limitation to true possibility, possibility to probability, and probability to reality. I work with many modalities, but I have never found one that is quicker, more effective, or more user friendly. It is an elegant journey to your heart’s desire.
I am grateful to Suze for creating and teaching an effective method for Re-patterning Beliefs.  As a personal and professional development facilitator, I have used her method of re-patterning on countless occasions and have found it to be easy, non-invasive and extremely effective.
For years I have been telling clients, workshop and retreat participants that learning how to do Belief Re-patterning is a wonderful gift that you can give yourself. It is the gift that keeps on giving. If you have been thinking about taking Belief Re-patterning classes, now would be the time to register.”
Maria Kliavkoff, Radium, BC

“The Belief Re-patterning technique is one of the key means by which I authentically enter into, and align with, my core knowledge of myself. If you want to befriend all the elements of your being, Belief Re-patterning is the simplest, yet most profound means by which to truly live your life.”
Trae Ashlie-Garen, Belief Re-patterning Practitioner, Calgary, AB

“Since studying the Belief Re-patterning Technique, I pick a word of intention on New Year’s Eve for the coming year, and that word then becomes my key focus of the year. I have found this to not only be an extremely effective motivator, but one of the simplest ways to shift my focus in any given moment. This amazing idea is something I speak about with my friends, family and clients. Give yourself permission to infuse this into your life and watch the magic unfold!”
Christal Barbary, Belief Re-patterning Practitioner, Calgary, AB

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