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To pay for and book your appointment for a One on One session  with Suze….

If this is your first appointment with Suze, please schedule it and then Download the following form, fill out and e-mail  it to

Getting Started… 

  To schedule  your one – on-one Belief Re-patterning appointment with Suze – click here

To Pay for your session …scroll to the bottom of this page…  

For those on a commitment package, click here to book your appointment.

Commitment Packages……Interested in On-going Coaching with Suze?


Plan for REAL, Lasting, and EFFECTIVE change….

• Receive on-going Support through a challenge, life change or crisis

•Belief Re-patterning is even more effective and powerful when practiced on a consistent basis

• Committing to yourself keeps you in flow

• Having a PLAN supports you in the ups and downs in business and life.

Additional Advantages:

• We process your payment

• Individualized, flexible, consistent commitment to your personal / professional growth

• Guaranteed, prioritized connection with Suze

• 15 or 30 minute options by phone or Skype. Package renewable when you are ready or every 6 months.

To purchase YOUR Commitment package e-mail or chose an option below……


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