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Receiving – Worthy and Deserving?

Oh dear – have you been deflecting? Abraham says if you aren’t yet receiving what you truly desire, you are not yet vibrating at a high enough frequency to receive it

…It all begins with exercising your ability to receive with ease – what a great way to start 2013!


Set your Goals- with a Re-patterning Twist! Part 1

Is your Inner Critic setting your goals? Most of us create resolutions, goals and plans from a place of deficiency…perhaps this is why we end up sabotaging ourselves or falling short of where we want to be! Listen in while Suze re-patterns the Goal Setting process in depth with two business clients, and helps you do the same!


Set your Goals- with a Re-patterning Twist! Part 2

With your Inner Coach in the driver’s seat, your goal setting has momentum, excitement, and a raised vibration that will attract what you truly desire this year! Suze will work 1 on 1 with two “new to Belief Re-patterning” clients to re-pattern in depth around their personal goals for 2013 – and support you with ideas for implementation!


Create the Balance in 2013 – putting yourself first!

Call in with your questions – and Suze will help you re-pattern around acknowledging your accomplishments, and finding the balance in your day to day life style. You want something different, so something needs to change – together we’ll insure moving from dreams to reality is fun, supportive and uplifting!


Sabotage to Support! Create the mindset.

Rather than letting your past determine your future, create a supportive mindset and watch with amazement as you manifest your dreams and desires – and if that pesky Inner Critic is running your show, call in and together we’ll re-pattern and give you some practical ideas to strengthen our Inner Coach!


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