Ali SaundersPractitioner, Positive Self-Talk Coach and Facilitator


Location: Edmonton, AB, CANADA

I have always been curious about brain development, specifically as it relates to language acquisition. I chose to minor in linguistics in university and when my daughter was one, I began to learn about brain training. I was fascinated by how one’s thoughts contributed to one’s world-view.

What got me was how we learn the stories that we tell ourselves or learn from others about ourselves and how that can shape our entire lives. This made me extremely conscious about the language I was using with my young child. I wanted my daughter to grow up with a positive self-image and to be mentally stronger than I had grown up to be. I knew that I was her model and my own outlook and language needed to change.

I couldn’t fake it anymore and it was time to live true to myself and to become my best self. But how? Enter my journey into Belief Re-patterning. I am so happy to have found a system that supports me in creating an immediate and tangible emotional shift; one that allows me to be true to myself and to those around me; one that allows me to support the people around me.

I love that we can and will re-pattern anything we want!

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