Annette KennettBelief Specialist


Location: Falun, AB, Canada (near Pigeon Lake)

Areas of expertise: 

☻Embracing your uniqueness; from personality traits to learning styles and beyond. ☻Facilitating change to live Your Life By Choice

☻Education ☻Homeschooling ☻Learning disabilities> different abilities.


Why are you here?

Maybe you are ready to look at, and release what’s been holding you back?

Maybe you are wanting to live an authentic life, true to your core values?

Maybe you are ready to really contribute your unique gifts and talents?

If you answered YES, then I believe you have come to the right place!

Because, my purpose is help willing people explore life beyond those limiting beliefs. Keep reading, I’ll explain more.


Why I’m here:

Before learning of Belief Re-patterning, I worked hard as a teacher and as a mother, hoping to convince my sons and my students of their own brilliance, beyond what struggles were crushing their self-belief. I started working in the same way, with homeschooling families when I discovered Belief Re-patterning at a Flip Your Switch for Educators.

I was amazed by the results when I tried Belief Re-patterning at home. I will always remember when my son re-patterned from a teary-eye: “I can’t do mental math!” to a celebratory “I am awesome at mental math!” during one math lesson! Oh, if I had caught it on camera…

They say “Work smart, not hard, and I could quickly see that Belief Re-patterning was helping me work smarter as a teacher whose life work has always been to ‘re-pattern’ the limiting beliefs we easily label learning disabilities.

It didn’t stop there. . .

I later attended a Flip Your Switch weekend and learned the benefits of Belief Re-patterning for myself. I experienced re-patterning deep beliefs that I thought might be too significant and complex to re-pattern. It is said, you can re-pattern anything you choose, and I believe that is true.

My own story is one of choosing a life very different than the one prescribed for me through culture, tradition, even genetics. I’m proud of the bold choices I’ve made to design a life that reflected my authentic values. I know what its like to chose peacefully, without rebellion, to believe differently than what I was taught.  It was a natural extension of my own story to help children transcend limiting beliefs they were holding. Now, with Belief Re-patterning, I have been able to also support adults in transcending their limiting beliefs and live a life by choice.

As a Belief Specialist, I am extending to adults also, the work I do with children, now infused with Belief Re-patterning.


Let’s explore together:

Designing a life by choice starts with a quick look at what’s been holding you back, and considering how you might like things to be different. Maybe you’ve already been thinking about it?

Stepping into your life by choice, is just that, a choice. More accurately, several doable choices coming together to become the life you design…by choice!

Then, embracing what makes you beautifully unique allows you to offer from your authentic, best self to your family, your community, …society!

I believe that each one is divinely unique, like being a unique piece of a puzzle, for the purpose of connecting. And in our connections is where the magic happens, creating something greater than our individual selves. And in that magical collaboration, our society flourishes.

I would be honored to explore with you, your Unique Self and your Life By Choice.



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