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The less I see myself just as me, the more I see My Self reflected in the life surrounding me
The consequence and right of choice

Belief Re-patterning found me in a dark moment of my life. I was severly depressed and staring down the throat of suicide when I agreed to attend Flip Your Switch. In the following months I used Belief Re-patterning as a ladder to climb from the black crevasses of my mind. Slowly, I began detangling the learned habitual patterns of my past and I used them to create my life reflecting who I have always known myself to be.

I am becoming a practitioner as an invitation for others to become more empowered by their habits and choices. I believe the solutions to our collective challenges are found in learning to choose our individual response to them. I believe in the conflicting harmony of life and I believe “who you are being” determines your results more accurately than “what you are doing.”

I grew up in rural Alberta with a passion for horses and nature. Like plenty of country kids, I participated in 4H and “learn to do by doing” continues to serve me well. I graduated from MacEwan University with a Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma and a Business Management Certificate. Afterward, I decided I still didn’t know what I wanted to do in life and took off to wander around Australia. I currently live outside of Morinville AB, own and ride 2 horses, snowboard and actively engage in conversations regarding the environment.

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