Brenda HoldenPractitioner, Positive Self-Talk Coach and Facilitator

Name: Brenda Holden

Location: Worldwide on the web and in-person Radium Hot Springs, BC. CANADA

Area of expertise: Business Coach, International Speaker, Licensed Belief Re-patterning Practitioner, Belief Re-patterning Facilitator, Teaching Reiki Master, Yoshea Instructor, Intuitive.

I connect the bridges between spirit, body, mind & heart as a winged anchor coach for corporate & personal clients. I am a vibrant being in the phenomenal world,  encouraging an awareness that opens gateways of possibility, reinforcing positive mindset.

I provide a safe space for clients desiring a culture of self-discovery. One that is responsive to change. Find the magic in yourself and your organization, find the joy, the gift, in every situation and recognize the immense opportunities that are yours for the asking. I encourage you to value yourself and acknowledge your full potential.

My gift is in seeing the essence and beauty that is at your core and I can hold that space for you grow into. Through the Belief Re-patterning learning technique, I support your courage to take action when you are in a place of doubt. The process guides you to personal touchstones that will let you stand in your power as you translate energetic principles into a new, practical way of living every day.

Business owner, facilitator, international speaker, active Reiki Teaching Master, Yoshea Instructor and Nikken Wellness Consultant, my curiosity is satisfied in celebrating diversity and honouring the connection between us all. Columbia Valley’s, “All Things Beautiful” was her laboratory for playing with energetic principles and proving that they work in a business environment. My favourite place for Imagineering is at the golf course or taking a hot spring soak. I seek union and balance from the heart. My personal vision is living a joyful life consistent with universal law at work, home & play.




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