Cindy GrierPractitioner, Positive Self-Talk Coach

Name: Cindy Grier

Location: Edmonton, AB CANADA

Area of expertise: Social Worker

Have you ever tried to change your, mind only to find that your mind has a mind of its own?

Cindy became one of the first Belief Re-patterning Practitioners in 2003, experiencing in her own life the powerful transformation brought on by this work, and sharing it with others.  As a Social Worker, Cindy has over 20 years of front line work with children, youth and families and brings a wealth of understanding, compassion and hope to many walks of life.    Cindy’s genuine and sincere passion for helping others to reach their full potential and enhance their qualify of life and success, is fulfilled through Belief Re-patterning.



“When my fear and uncertainty has come to the forefront, Belief Re-patterning has calmed the voices and replaced my internal dialogue with focus, strength, and steadfastness.  This has been an amazing tool and experience!  What an efficient an powerful way to step forward in life.”

-Gail Hope – Property Manager, Calgary Alberta

“Belief Re-patterning has enabled me to take back and activate my inner strengths and power on a moment’s notice.  Having dealt with many family issues, I am now able to hold my head high and look the world in the eye.  Cindy’s total and unconditional love and support have been invaluable.”

-Sonya Zodo, Nanaimo, BC


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