Julie ThulinPractitioner & Facilitator, Positive Self-Talk Coach

Name: Julie Thulin

Location: Edmonton, AB. CANADA

I was introduced to Belief Re-patterning many years ago at a business meeting.  The information presented at that time resonated with me however it wasn’t until Spring 2007 that I decided to pursue this learning technique.  I attended an Intro session and knew this work was what I needed and wanted in my life.  I have spent many years empowering women through my Discovery Toys business and becoming a Belief Re-patterning Practitioner was a great way to meld what I was already doing with a proven technique and the credibility of being a licensed practitioner. I love supporting others as they overcome limiting beliefs and realize how simple it can be to move forward toward all that life has to offer.  I love the changes and growth that I have personally experienced since mastering this technique and using it for challenges big and small.

I have worked with men and women, children and teens and even pets.  When you are ready to address limiting beliefs and are open to seeing what those may be, I would love the opportunity to support you on your journey.  You do have all you need within you and my greatest joy is helping you realize that.


“To my great delight and surprise, Julie was eager to work with me, and together we have embarked on the journey of a lifetime.  With humor and sensitivity, coupled with the ability to bring me back from “storytelling mode,” Julie has brought me through to the light.  Today, I am filled with hope and excitement about this next phase of my life, and working with Julie has given me the courage and drive to take on new challenges, too numerous to mention, but each one more exciting than the last.  Ancient wisdom (Tao Te Ching) states:  Change your thoughts, and change your life.  In order to change my thoughts, I had to change my language.  And what language!  I have begun a new work, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.  I recommend this course to anyone who wants to overcome self-limiting beliefs.  I am proof that it works.”

-Karen Tober

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