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Location: Edmonton, AB, CANADA

I used to believe I was a terrible human being when I was tired. Snappy, short-tempered, mean, overly dramatic and easily overwhelmed. Not like my true self at all. Because I am a kind and loving person, who didn’t want to be a huge b***h to everyone in my life, I made sleep a priority. I joked it was for the good of humanity!

When life would happen and I wound up sleep-deprived despite my good intentions, (you know, like after having a baby), I felt out of control. I regretted the things I would say and do but felt like I couldn’t help it.

Shortly after becoming a Belief Specialist, my daughter had a rough night. Before I rolled out of bed, I Re-Patterned and I actually had a wonderful day. I was able to show up as my best self, as a mother, wife, and as an Artist in Residence teaching hundreds of children self-empowerment through joyful, creative movement through performing arts even after a dozen midnight sleep interruptions. It was like magic!

If you are still reading, I know you want to show up as your best self too, regardless of the circumstances around you. You have things to do, and you know how much easier they are to accomplish when you feel like you! The only thing in the way of feeling like our true selves is our belief system. These beliefs can be conscious, unconscious or from the collective consciousness, and they affect every part of our lives.

 Belief Re-Patterning uses cognitive science and learning theory to give you the tools to consciously shape your belief systems and how you see (and be) in the world.  Your intention is how you consciously create. Magic is simply a focused use of intention with such feeling that you will it into being.  Abracadabra actually means, I create as I speak. Our language gives shape to our reality. We are basically in a Choose Your Own Adventure scenario where our mindset and perspective shape our reality.

I would love to help you and your family refine your language so you can create a joyful, playful life of abundance, grace, and ease, aligned with your intuition, where you are able to fully own, embrace and be who you truly are. This feeling of alignment is so magical. My mission is to share that with you, and everyone I meet. I love working with tiny humans, teens, and adults (so, basically everyone!)

I envision a world full of people who understand that they create their reality through the lens of their own beliefs, who actively co-create a world full of peace, love, harmony, growth, exploration, learning, fun, play, dance and magic.  Together we can create this world full of loving-kindness and compassion, first to ourselves and then out into the world around us. We will all have the freedom to play, learn and grow together, celebrating our unique essence, regardless of how many times our sleep was interrupted last night.

**Know Yourself, Love Yourself, Love Your Life, Be Yourself. Shine Your light & Find Your Magic.**

Areas of Expertise: Belief-Re-patterning, Reiki Master, Elemental Creation Coach, and Alchemical Creation Priestess, Conscious Dance facilitator, Artist in Residence, Flow Artist, Hula Hoop Master.

Core Values:  Love, Sacred Play, Intuition, Alignment, Magical Creation, AbunDANCE, Integrity.

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