Kael HillPractitioner, Positive Self-Talk Coach


Location: Calgary, AB, CANADA

My introduction to belief re-patterning occurred through a family member, I was 14 years old at the time and dealing with complex trauma from sexual abuse at a young age. My mom had to drag me kicking and screaming to the session, thankfully she was able to convince me to try it out, and after one session I wanted to go back again and again. Suze helped me to re-pattern the emotional trauma attached to the events of the past by focusing on my goal of being a professional snowboarder in the future. I will be forever grateful for the support, inspiration, and transformation that I experienced with the assistance of Belief Re-patterning.


Since then I have grown to be globally recognized for my innovation and contributions to the snowboarding world, winning international competitions, inventing tricks, and even pioneering a new sport as an offshoot of snowboarding. Ever since my late teens, I  have wanted to be able to give back to others the same gift Suze gave me, and am excited to share belief re-patterning with aspiring athletes, entrepreneurs, and teens going through a tough time.

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