Kael HillPractitioner, Positive Self-Talk Coach


Location: Calgary, AB, CANADA

I have working with Belief Re-patterning since 2004. When I first met Suze Casey I was a young teenager full of angst and an ambition to become a professional snowboarder. Following in depth work with the technique I achieved (and exceeded!) all of my professional snowboarding goals including:

  • Winning an international level competition
  • Working with an international brand
  • Innovating the sport by being the first person to land over 20 tricks
  • Inspiring a generation of snowboarders
  • Inventing a new sport called stunt boarding

Now that I have retired from my professional snowboarding career I have decided to give back and became a Belief Specialist.

My mission is to share Belief Re-patterning with AS MANY PEOPLE AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE!!! My goal is to specialize in working with teens and young adults as I wish to have the same impact on young minds as Suze had on me when I was growing up.

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