Kathryn BabowalPractitioner, Positive Self-Talk Coach

Location: Sherwood Park, AB, Canada

Hello, I’m Kathryn.

My life is shiny and beautiful and delicious for the grand majority of the time.  Would you like to learn how to honestly describe your life that way too, with nothing holding you back?

I live my life with priorities for integrity, authentic kindness and connection!  My life purpose lies predominantly as an educator to all ages, and I have the extreme delight of piloting Belief Re-patterning techniques daily while working with 20 employees and over 150 children yearly in my preschool and out of school care programs.

Belief Re-patterning has impacted my personal life with such a breath of freedom and peace and a new-found perspective for gratitude everywhere.

I am a powerful manifestor; I think an idea and it appears in the physical.  Within 3 months of my initial Belief Re-patterning training weekend, I was positive that bringing this technique to small learners was my intention, and I therefore set the wheels spinning to qualify the Flip YOUR Switch weekend as eligible coursework for all childcare supervisors in the province of Alberta, so now the province reimburses all their training fees.  Within a couple more months, I was piloting a “child version” in my out of school care and preschool, and within a couple more months, I was proud to be supporting Suze Casey at the first Flip YOUR Switch training workshop, adjusted specifically to train educators and childcare workers to bring this work into their time with children.  My joy is palpable as now, two months later, I formally introduce all my students’ parents to Belief Re-patterning with an intention to support Suze’s dream that Belief Re-patterning becomes a household phrase!  All these manifested accomplishments have occurred in 8 months because, while Belief Re-patterning is a simple system, it is incredibly powerful and has magnified my manifesting.  It works.  The re-patterning lasts forever.

I am a playful and spirited professional, with commitment to passionate interaction with people of all ages.  I am a highly sensitive and intuitive person, with such a desire to help others and shine a light of hope and happiness out to all I meet.  Regardless of whether you are hoping for support for your child or for yourself, I certainly hope you will connect with me and offer me the chance to bring this remarkable opportunity into your life too.  Let me share some inspiration for YOU to also confidently manifest for all your dreams to come true!  We all deserve to live our best lives; I have a key that can open the door for you to meet your genuine YOU!

With hopes for your day to be shiny,


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