Linda ClarkBelief Specialist


Location: Calgary, AB, CANADA

Most of my life I spent knowing what I didn’t want but not clear on what my heart truly desired.  I was really good at showing up as who I thought I should be… however this left me completely empty and angry to my core.  I am so grateful I found Suze Casey and Belief Re-patterning!

I am passionate about empowering others to find their true voice and a love of self and life.  I hold a space for each of us to grow and blossom to be our best amazing self for this is truly the best gift for everyone in our lives and community we can give.

I have a wide range of life experiences from growing up on a small farm in rural Alberta, working for small business to many years in the Corporate world of oil and gas.

I am a proud mom, Reiki Master, a lover of nature (animals, plants, essential oils and crystals to name a few) and Juuva Wellness Consultant.

I am honoured to share this exciting adventure and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Big hugs,

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