Marnie JohnstonPractitioner & Facilitator

Name: Marnie Johnston

Location: Calgary, AB. CANADA

“Do you desire calmness and ease?”

For over a decade I have worked as a Certified Life Skills Coach, empowering teens to discover their voice and personal power. I have learned in this role that a positive focused approach yields profound and long lasting results. The same honouring approach is the basis of Belief Re-patterning and my practice.

My first experience with the learning technique Belief Re-patterning was an immediate and significant event. So much so, that I was inspired to know, learn and experience more. I am honoured to assist you in embracing the same life giving results.

I am also a certified Biofeedback Technician. Biofeedback is a form of energetic stress reduction. Stressors identified during a session provide knowledge that assists me to coach you to achieve the results that you desire physically, mentally and emotionally. I provide individual sessions in both Belief Re-Patterning and Biofeedback. My experience has also enabled me to develop a unique combination using both practices together!

I bring my authenticity and enthusiasm to my practice to support you to experience significant shifts and embrace BEing with calmness and ease. I look forward to our journey together!


“My experience with Belief Re-patterning was profound! It moved me from a very dark place of grief and depression due to the loss of my son, to a place of light. My sessions with Marnie supported me to shift my life forward; where I could begin to move on and live my life again.”

-With Gratitude, Myrna

“By discovering & removing the beliefs that hold us back from realizing our goals, I have seen greater improvement with my clients and myself. Thank you, Marnie for your insights, patience & support!”

-Cindy Walker, Calgary Alberta President – the Healthy for Life Program, for REAL people

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