Nadine RobinsonBelief Specialist


Location: Calgary, AB, CANADA

I have walked the path of Medicine Woman for most of my life.

Working with women in birth came to me at the tender age of 19. My passion was sparked and I pursued a career in midwifery. I walked the midwife path for many years, deepening my practice around herbal teachings, energy therapy, reflexology, acupressure, TCM teachings and aromatherapy.

My midwifery path began to fade as I recognized that my heart’s desire was to work with more people, in all times of their lives and from all walks of life. I transitioned out of birth midwifery and opened a wellness practice, focusing on loving and supporting people, right here, right now.

I now call myself a Soul Midwife, shining a light and supporting people as they walk their path. Belief Re-patterning was an obvious technique to add to my toolbox. It is easy to learn and it works!

I am a passionate music lover, dancer and guitar player. I have been blissfully partnered with Michael for over 14 years. I have amazing children and stepchildren, one fabulous granddaughter and an amazing grandson!

Peace Healing ~ bloom where you are planted ~

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