Rita LucasPractitioner, Positive Self-Talk Coach

Name: Rita Lucas

Location: Ojochal, COSTA RICA

I began working with Suze in 2000 …. at that time I was an emotional, mental and physical MESS!  Every time I would have a session with her…my world got clearer, brighter… Over time I got well!

Now, almost two decades later and a whole bunch of life experiences under my belt (some pretty emotional!); I am living my dreams, on 2 acres of jungle in Costa Rica, with the man who holds my heart ever so dearly, working from my computor on my open air rancho, I have an amazing community of people around me!  Who knew life could be this rich and fabulous?!

I credit this life I live to Belief Re-patterning; and with me having the courage to take the next step!  Sometimes, I have found, it just takes a hunk of courage to step into what you dream, desire, want in life.  I know that there were times where I just took a deep breath …trusted …and did what ever it was that I thought would take me towards what I wanted.

I am  a former teacher, Alberta oilfield business owner.  I am a mom, and grandmother! I am the published author of two books – “From Gringo to Tico” – a practical guide to living in Costa Rica; and “Keep Your Sanity and Your Shirt” – A No-Pain Guide to Small Business Start Up and Incorporation.

I  have a private Belief Re-patterning and Certified Consciousness Coaching practice from my rancho!  I “see” my clients via Skype, and do followup via e-mails.  Most people find this is a very effective method of working together!

I love supporting my clients, as they work to overcome limiting beliefs and realize how they can begin to move forward, toward all that life has to offer.  I love the changes and growth that I have personally experienced since mastering this technique; and using it for challenges big and small.  My life, and what I have created, is evidence of the value of this technique!  I am a rural farm girl, who stepped into her dreams, and created this life that I now live in Costa Rica.

I am always amazed at what I have done, and credit Belief Re-patterning to my success…along with some courage to walk my dreams!

My mission is to empower people to move forward, to take the steps to begin to live the life they have always dreamed of! Empowering people to live abundantly in all areas of their life!

If you want to step into your dreams, learn how create them, begin to live them….contact me!  I can teach what I have learned, by walking my own experience and path; and assist you to live yours, too!


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