Shelley WrightPractitioner & Facilitator

Name: Shelley Wright

Location: Calgary, AB. CANADA

Is this it???

This was my question.  I was in a happy marriage with two healthy children, felt valued in my Dental Hygiene position and recovered from cancer surgery with no added chemo or radiation needed.  I knew my life was blessed and yet I was not feeling it at all.  I would wake up feeling tired and overwhelmed even before the children began expressing their needs.  I struggled with rejuvenating myself.  My questions came flooding in:

What am I doing Wrong?

Why am I so tired?

Why are my children so Angry?

Where is it coming from?

How did I create this?

I have never been this way before in my life.

Why isn’t the counseling and coaching managing this?

By lunch it was a countdown to Dinner and then Bed.

Does this resonate with YOU?

Maybe you are experiencing this in your job or career.  Are you just putting in time looking forward to the next holiday?

It was a transformational day when I had my first session of Belief Re-patterning.  I couldn’t explain what had happened or how it happened, I just knew it worked and worked at a level that no other form of psychology or counseling had offered.  One question still hung out with me, is this really working? I don’t get it.  I have no time for the “Home Work”.  Until one day it happened.  It was lunch and the anger was about to erupt again.  It was rising from my core and as it reached my heart I felt it.  As I acknowledged the feeling and stood with it, in curiosity, the most remarkable thing happened – the energy of the moment changed.  I did not say a word.  My children’s behavior did not change and yet there was a tangible change in the air.  It was then that I knew Belief Re-patterning was working and the theory of it was coming true.   Old self limiting Neural pathways had been reprogrammed to supportive positive ones.  I moved from Frustration to Centered, from Anger to Love, from Critical to Curious.

Belief Re-patterning can and will change lives, yours and those around you.  It is the most profound and powerful tool that I have experienced in moving myself forward and creating the life that I have always dreamed of at a level that only my inner knowing had been calling for.  Belief Re-patterning trains the brain to operate from the “unconscious competence” place which is so energizing.   I answered the calling of my inner knowing; and I am now a Practitioner and Facilitator of Belief Re-patterning.   Now I am able to support myself,  my family, my Dental Practice and all my relationships with loving patience and peace and the benefits live deep within my body, mind and soul.

I know “this is it” for me and I am happy to share it with you.


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