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When you look in the mirror, do you see someone with self-compassion looking back? If not, would you like to?

Belief Re-patterning helped me supersize the compassion in my life. Belief Re-patterning will do this for you, too.

Academic training gave me rigorousness as a guiding principle (M.A., Ph.D. ABD in History). When I encounter products or philosophies that promise easy fixes, or people who say they have The Only Answer, I listen. I triple check their evidence. Then, I triple check my own evidence. If my previous opinions were on shaky grounds, I say so.

My sister asked me to a Belief Re-patterning event. I thought, “Is this a cult?” I checked it out. Conclusion: “Harmless at worst. Good for some people, though.” I moved on.

Two years later. Another Belief Re-patterning event. I went to keep my sister company. At a small group exercise, I read out loud what I’d written, feeling composed and know-it-all. In the middle of saying, “I am free to believe I am beautiful,” I felt my throat closing and my eyes started leaking tears.

My brain: “I read The Beauty Myth when I was 15! I’ve worked for years at believing I can be beautiful! My sweetie tells me I’m beautiful! Why crying?!”

As our group’s coach helped me finish the exercise, something deep shifted in how I looked at myself.

My brain: “Still skeptical. And. The Belief Re-patterning tools I’ve experienced so far strongly suggest that deepening these skills can help me get un-stuck, quickly. I’m tired of spinning my wheels in grooves for years.”

Here is a partial list of journeys that I have helped clients experience with their bodies, not just their brains, thanks to Belief Re-patterning:

Climate grief——————————————————————→ Climate resolve and action

Traffic stress —————————————————————–→  Ease

LGBTQ self-shame –——————————————————–→ Self-acceptance

People of Colour self-doubt ————————————————→ Self-validation

Stage performance anxiety —————————————————> Excitement


I’ve witnessed Belief Re-patterning’s ability, over and over, to help people create profound transformations in themselves; on these solid grounds I say with confidence, “Belief Re-patterning works.” I would be delighted to work with you. You can navigate challenges with ease, and be happy with yourself.

“Belief Re-patterning with Siri helped me own and love my truest self. As a result, I find being my truest self is multifaceted wonderfulness!” – A. C. Roberts

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