Sue JamisonPractitioner & Positive Self-Talk Coach


Location:  Alexandria, KY

I have accomplished a master’s degree in Life and I’m playing with my PHD.  I have navigated many my changes, though some were more challenging than others, I consider them all gifts.  Because of my life experiences I am passionate about supporting others navigating theirs: to guide them through their transitions and experiences with ease and grace.  Belief Re-patterning is one of the techniques I use in working with others to support them in their life transitions.

I am more confident and have more fun in my life than I ever had before!  I found this joy and authenticity through Belief Re-patterning.  When I was going through my divorce, the story I was telling was: “He left me another younger woman.”  That story shifted and changed as I discovered myself; it became: “He just changed his mind.”  The final version of that story is that “He gave me the greatest gift –  ME!”.  What stories do you tell yourself?  Where I used to hear comments from others as criticism or that “I am not good enough”, I now hear the messages with love.

Do you see life as a series of challenges or gifts?

You too can have confidence and joy in your life!

I create a space of support, love and kindness with laughter and playfulness for others to grow and be empowered to be themselves.  I use my experiences as a pathway to help and support others in their own transitions. I believe we transform the world one person at time, starting with ourselves.

Other techniques I am trained in are: Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, and Meditation

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