Sylvie VervoorstBelief Specialist

Location: Edmonton, AB

Hi, I’m Sylvie.

I am a belief specialist, single mom of one, and owner and operator of a licensed and accredited day home in Spruce Grove, Alberta.

I first came across belief re-patterning in 2017 when I personally experienced first hand the benefits it can deliver. I found peace and calm amongst the chaos, and you can too! I’d love to help you get unstuck and live a life you love. Whether you feel like you are ‘never enough’, say yes to everything and don’t know how to end the overwhelm, or are sick of coming in last behind everything and everyone else, I can help you drop those old patterns that no longer serve you.


Learn more about how I have triumphed through my life’s experiences and how this has helped create my unique approach to coaching:

My journey with belief re-patterning began when I was at a point in my life where I felt like I had accomplished so much, but something still wasn’t quite right. I had put myself through university as a single mom, bought a house and a car, started my own business…. But I had one challenge that I could not overcome, no matter how many specialists I talked to, how many books I read, how many strategies I tried. I had a relentless energy vampire in my life and I found my thoughts consumed by how I could fix things. I was tired and frustrated by the endless battles that I experienced on a regular basis. I came to the conclusion that I would never be able to change someone or how they treat me, but what I was in control of, was how I reacted to them. Belief re-patterning has helped me stand in my truth and honour my feelings in a way that is respectful and supports myself and everyone around me. When I began to view challenging moments as opportunities to expand my skills, be patient and grateful for what it was teaching me, I began to feel more peace and calm around the situation. I have learned that I am only responsible for my own journey and when challenging moments come up, I am now able to deal with them with ease and grace. I no longer spend hours at night thinking about what I could have should have said differently.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Grad of Early Learning and Childcare, working in the field since 2001
  • A single parent since 2008
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