Vicki BairdPractitioner, Positive Self-Talk Coach

Name: Vicki Baird

Location: Pittsfield, MA, USA

Realizing after fifteen years in business finance that her joy was in helping people develop their own peace, happiness, and intuition, Vicki Baird left corporate to build her own practice providing personal and business coaching, and intuitive sessions, along with workshops for people all over the world. She has loved every minute of the past fourteen years and looks forward to helping others find their joy.

One of the tools she uses is Belief Re-patterning, a revolutionary technique that addresses how to identify beliefs that do not serve you and replace them with new supportive beliefs that will literally open up the doors to create the life you desire.

Her practice consists of private sessions, as well as classes to develop one’s intuition and ability to enjoy life.

She can be found on the radio, presentations at wellness centers, and other large theater events or by contacting her and booking an appointment directly.

Vicki has helped thousands realize their own potential, combining the desires of the physical with the knowledge of the eternal soul. Her compassionate style, combined with intuitive accuracy, sense of humor and practical advice, speaks to her straight forward way and belief in everyone’s inner greatness, guiding them to see it for themselves.

Allow her to support you in realizing your potential.

Contact her directly at

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