Vireo KarvonenPractitioner, Positive Self-Talk Coach


Location: Amisk Lake, AB, Canada (near Boyle & Athabasca area)

Areas of expertise:  Licensed Belief Re-patterning® Practitioner, Positive Self-Talk Coach, Kundalini Dance™ Facilitator, Sacred Femininity Facilitator, Tantra Teacher, Human Design, Trauma Release Practitioner, International Speaker, Intuitive, Dancing Pleasure Goddess™, Teacher with M.Ed.

Namaste Sacred Sister (or Sacred Brother),

Are you ready to get drunk on life?

Would you like to experience more inner peace, self love, aliveness, vibrant health, confidence & more?  How about increasing pleasure, juiciness and connection with yourself and in your relationships?  Would you like to become intoxicated with each moment? Are you yearning to live a more turned on and turned up life? Would you like to claim & be your sovereign self in all areas of your life?

Definition of Sovereign:

  1. a king, queen or other supreme ruler
  2. a person who has supreme power or authority
  3. belong to or characteristic of a sovereign or sovereign authority; royal
  4. having supreme rank, power or authority
  5. supreme; preeminent; indisputable
  6. greatest in degree; utmost or extreme

Are you yearning to be the supreme indisputable powerful Queen (or King) in your own queendom (or kingdom)?

Yes? Yes. Then keep on reading! You are in the right place.

Through my own sexual healing and soul awakening, I have gathered many tools in my tool kit, gems in my treasure chest for reclaiming my own sacred feminine powerful sovereign sexual orgasmic authentic self.

In June 2017 I was blessed to be introduced to Belief Re-patterning® and immediately began weaving this powerful practice into my life and into my coaching sessions with my clients. September 13th, 2018, I became a licensed Belief Re-patterning® Practitioner and I finally owned my own life.

Professionally, I have been coaching & working with women since 2008.  My expertise and passion are supporting women, their beloved partners, and their families in the area of their wholeness, vibrant health physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually with a focus on listening to & loving your body as well as embracing your sacred sexuality and sacred femininity.

It is my calling to brightly shine my radiant light, dance in my free spirit authenticity and inspire you to be you, to awaken, reclaim and feel connected to your own inner goddess Shakti queenly self (or masculine Shiva kingly self).

Together with my Belief Re-patterning®, we uncover and clear away that which no longer serves, so that you can stop missing out on life and start living your life more fully with powerful tools to support you when life knocks you down.  We also strengthen that which is already awesome in your life so that you can access your supreme super powers, be your genuine self and live in your natural state of bliss!

I love working with spiritual individuals one on one as well with couples and their families. With my 15 years of experience as a teacher in the classroom and with my master’s in education I am also passionate about providing children with this powerful tool of Belief Re-patterning.  I also offer group coaching as an integral part of my online Sacred Pleasure Path Program for women.

If you are yearning to expand in more presence in the moment, pleasure in your body, sweet blissful ecstatic moments, joy in your life, orgasmic moments and deeper genuine connection in all your relationships, especially starting with yourself, contact me now.

In joyful service,


Vireo Karvonen, M.Ed

Praise for Vireo:

“Vireo understands me at a deep soul level, and her intuition always guides her to the exact things I need to hear to be my best self. Her joy and enthusiasm for life are infectious and just hearing her voice reminds me of how beautiful life is. I am so grateful to have her bright light shining in my life inspiring me to shine my own.”  (Kacie Beluse Knight)

“I have been working with Vireo over the last 6 months and look forward to continuing our coaching sessions. She has been a great source of wisdom while I make changes and shift through old patterns. In this short time Vireo has led me through challenges that had been blocking my ability to own some aspects of my masculine nature. When I started looking for a coach, I had believed that I needed to be working with another man if I wanted to connect with how I was blocked from owning my male energies.

Vireo has met my need for masculine leadership by being a dynamic coach who instinctively knows how to guide me through what I used to call those anxieties. I would recommend Vireo to anyone who is ready to face their challenges because she has strong skills at recognizing growth opportunities and leading a client to what they need most now.” (Jai Melnychuk, Carpenter)


Vireo is a dynamic intuitive facilitator in everything she does! She has the ability to help you reclaim freedom in your life! Thank you. (Kelly)

“Dear Vireo, you are an outstanding coach! My life has transformed in so many ways since I started to work with you in March.

I thank you from the depths of my heart for your guidance, love and support over the past 8 months. 🙏💕

Thank you for seeing and knowing the infinite love and truth of who I am. Thank you for tenderly reminding me of this so I can experience the magic of feeling aligned and connected to myself 🦋

You listen with deep presence, understanding and acceptance. Your support is both gentle and powerful. Regardless of how I show up or what I’m going through, you create a space for me for me to be witnessed and supported.

You skillfully weave intuitive guidance and heart centred wisdom with practical, actionable tools that support me in realizing my own divine power and vast potential.

Each day I witness myself expanding in deservingness, self love, patience and balance!

I feel a deep sense of genuine self love and connection to my body and soul. I am most connected I’ve ever felt and it continues to deepen every day!

I have learned that I have the power and freedom to choose what is right for ME!!! I am an empowered woman.

I love you 💗 I enthusiastically look forward to experiencing more of your vibrant transmissions in working with and learning from you.” (Nina Wosar)


My Own Personal Belief Re-Patterning Story/Testimonial:

July 8 to 10th, 2017, at my first Belief Re-Patterning weekend (“Flip My Switch”), I had a huge release and personal transformation.  I was able to let go of feeling responsible for the suicide of my older brother.  I felt so much lighter.  My mom, who joined me for the weekend, began the process of letting go of that guilt and shame that she had been holding on to for over 25 years since my eldest brother’s death, her son’s suicide.  These shifts shed much light on some unhealthy patterns that I easily let go of.  I was able to embrace the belief that I am only responsible for my own life.  Freedom!


On and off for several decades I had been experiencing extreme panic, anxiety and flight/freeze in certain life situations.  In October 2017, Belief Re-Patterning allowed me to firstly uncover, understand and be grateful for that old belief that had kept me safe in the past.  Secondly, it allowed me to transform fear of being unsafe to knowing that I am secure in my authenticity and able to lovingly say ‘no’ when I want.  Lastly, the inner conflict dissolved, and I am now more in alignment body, soul, mind, heart and spirit and solidly being my authentic self.


Deep gratitude to Suze, the founder of this amazing technique that has been the greatest gift in my life & me coming home more deeply to my Self.




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