Vireo KarvonenPractitioner, Positive Self-Talk Coach


Location: Amisk Lake, AB, Canada (near Boyle & Athabasca area)

Namaste (the Light in me honours the Light in YOU,) my name is Vireo,

I am here to serve by empowering you to shift your life from turned off to turned on, or turned on to turned up! Pleasure, bliss, ecstasy and love are your birthright and your natural state.  Together we uncover and clear away that which no longer serves, so that you may be more of your best self.  My desires, passions and pleasures are your desires, passions and pleasures.   Women who I have been blessed to support say that they have shifted shame to self forgiveness, disconnection to connection, neediness to self acceptance, not enough-ness to self love, numbness to sensitivity and dullness to aliveness.

I am dedicated to the transformation of any mass consciousness of guilt, shame, negative social conditioning and violation of boundaries ~ to the upside.  Together we can shift any inner neediness so that you can stop seeking outside of yourself for approval or recognition and instead feel filled to overflow from the inside out. It is my calling to empower you as a woman to awaken and reclaim your sacred feminine.

Professionally, since the spring of 2008, I have been coaching and empowering women (see link).

As your licensed Belief Re-Patterning Practitioner / coach, I bring a wealth of life experience as a mother of 2 sons, a woman who has healed from divorce, a harmonious co-parent with the father of our sons, a sexually empowered and awakened feminine woman, a high priestess, a goddess and a lover of life.  You will receive many gifts from my treasure chest of personal and professional growth trainings as well, such as Kundalini Dance, Taoist Tantra, Human Design and trauma release (sexual abuse, suicide, divorce…).  To learn more about me or to see if you feel called to partner with me, I invite you to email me or check out my website at

If you FELT that you can be more energized, sensual and filled to overflow from within with self love, would you not DO so?

I am Dancing Pleasure Goddess™! I am a queen of beauty, authenticity, love, connection, pleasure and ecstasy. If you are yearning to expand in more presence in the moment, pleasure in your body, sweet blissful ecstatic moments, joy in your life, orgasmic moments and connection in all of your relationships, especially starting with yourself, contact me now.

In joyful service,


Vireo Karvonen, M.Ed

My Personal Belief Re-Patterning Story/Testimonial:

When I was introduced to Belief Re-Patterning in May 2017, I immediately knew that it was a powerful tool for more positive self talk and for women’s empowerment.  I claimed it right away to to clear away blocks and increase my own confidence.

July 8 to 10th, 2017, at my first Belief Re-Patterning weekend (“Flip My Switch”), I had a huge release and personal transformation.  I was able to let go of feeling responsible for the suicide of my older brother.  I felt so much lighter.  My mom, who joined me for the weekend, began the process of letting of guilt and shame that she had been holding on to for over 25 years since my eldest brother’s death, her son’s suicide.  These shifts shed much light on some unhealthy patterns that I easily let go of.  I was able to embrace the belief that I am only responsible for my own life.  Freedom!

On and off for several decades I had been experiencing extreme panic, anxiety and flight/freeze in certain life situations.  In October 2017, Belief Re-Patterning allowed me to firstly uncover and understand the old belief that had kept me safe in the past.  Secondly, it allowed me to transform fear of being unsafe to knowing that I am secure in my authenticity and able to lovingly say ‘no’ when I want.  Lastly, the inner conflict dissolved, and I am now in alignment body, soul, mind, heart and spirit around my authenticity and ability to set healthier boundaries.

Lastly, on a daily basis Belief Re-Patterning is supporting me in expanding my ability to shift more quickly out of disempowering emotions, triggers and crises, learn any lessons and move more easily to a place of inner calm and renewed peace.  Belief Re-Patterning allows me to be more of my best self moment to moment and empower my clients to be their best selves as well.


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