I had a BIG reason why – I was ill, unable to work, going through a second divorce, and financially things were tough. All of that is history – my point is I “taught myself well” from illness, heartache and debt to vibrant good health, amazing partnership and solid finances, AND by following the 7 step system I put together you can too. Suze Casey (MEd)

How did Belief Re-patterning come to be?
This learning technique was developed by Suze in response to her own need for health and wellness, and is now practiced by hundreds of thousands globally to support them in creating the life they desire. An educator by profession and a creative thinker and visionary in practice, Suze is absolutely committed to supporting others in creating, claiming, and living their own definition of well BE-ing.

Why haven’t I heard of this before now?
Up until the request for a book on Belief Re-patterning by Hay House, and the subsequent international release in 2012, Belief Re-patterning was a grassroots phenomenon spreading outward from Calgary, Alberta. The book is now published on 5 continents. Suze’s international radio show (from 2012-2015) further helped raise awareness, however most people find out by friends telling friends, telling friends, telling friends! Thanks for being part of the ripple!

How is Belief Re-patterning different?

  • It is a technique based in learning theory, not a “healing modality”
  • You do not need to “tell your story”
  • You easily move past old patterns and ways of being, uncovering your true self in the process
  • This is fun and fascinating and fast Personal Development. Not simply motivational, it is real learning that lasts!
  • You can work with a practitioner, and learn to use the technique for yourself
  • Gets you out of the spin-cycle. The focus is on creating what you want, rather than trying to figure out the “root cause” of what’s wrong
  • It works with the natural creative ability of your mind, acknowledging where you are and providing a series of stepping stones enabling you to create your unique pathway
  • There is an incredible supportive community of caring individuals committed to making a positive impact and living the life they were born to live
  • We offer complimentary introductory events, and incredibly accessible courses so you can experience how re-patterning will support you
  • Belief Re-patterning is an “and/also”, taking what you already know to be true and supersizing it

What Others are Saying:

“I am so grateful for finding you and being a part of Belief Re-patterning.  You have changed my life with amazing results. I have manifested greatness into my life and you were a part of this success. I came to you about a year and half ago and I was at the lowest time in my life. I was seeking solution, a different way of thinking, and a genuine feeling of hope and faith that I would be ok. You have changed my life and I am forever grateful. I have an amazing partner to share my life with, and I have applied a different way of challenging my thoughts when I become fearful and doubtful. I just wanted to say Thank you! What you do is life altering in the most profound ways. Thank you for believing in me, coaching me and helping me to change my belief patterning. Thank you for sharing your secret.“ Carrie D, Calgary, AB

“I’ve noticed it takes me a day or two of working with the phrases you and I come up with, until I find what powerful combination of words will resonate with me. No matter how stressed I am before I say it – these simple words make me smile from somewhere very real and deep inside. I relax, and I am instantly at my very very very very best. One sentence. It is like a sentence full of magic. Life is rich and full and absolutely amazing. My work with you is a huge part of that. I cannot begin to thank you.” Hildy Gottlieb, Tucson, AZ

“I find it amazing that after years of off and on counselling and spiritual direction that it took us one hour to cut to the root of my issues and redirect what I have been dancing around for years. This is a very exciting time for me. Learning to live is an amazing experience. I can say that I have laughed more this week than I have in years. Again thank you. I am now excited to see what tomorrow brings.
The one thing that amazes me and has me thinking the most is that I have the answers inside me all the time and what it took was you to understand and direct that. It seems that there is a very thin curtain between the conscious and the unconscious and our experience really showed me what I have been reading about for years. I know in my head that behind that curtain is where joy and peace reside. I know that our experience has brought me closer to this.”
 Shawn E, Calgary AB

“Suze has helped me to change the parts of me that I was not so fond of and help me find the parts of me I never knew were there because of all the old beliefs that were holding me stuck. I changed how I talk to myself, and forgive myself and others in an easy system as soon as I choose to.” Shauna Crombie, Belief Re-patterning Practitioner, Calgary, AB

  • “I loved it...I will be back... The Shift/Switch, what a feeling.  You are doing wonderful work, what a gift you have given.  With much gratitude, I thank you"

    Simone Diafolla, Edmonton AB
  • "The paths that I have experienced were made easier by changing my beliefs. Through Belief Re-patterning, my thoughts on guilt, sadness, hardship, and more were changed. I look at life with love and peace so that my inner child, my joie de vivre, is spreading to my friends and family. I am grateful for Suze's reminders and her enthusiasm to help heal" 

    Mardelle H., BC
  • “I learned with positive thoughts I can fly. I learned to believe in myself. “

    Terri Dennis, Calgary AB
  • "I was on a wellness journey when I encountered Belief Re-patterning . . . Just knowing that we are able to re-pattern our previous life experiences was my wake-up call. So many doors have opened for me now that I don't carry that baggage around with me."

    Donna L., Grande Prairie, AB
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