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“Belief Re-patterning has been the single most effective technique that I have experienced to quickly overcome self-defeating behaviours and move forward in my personal life.” -Joan

Change your life with a Mindset Reset

What is Belief Re-patterning?

Belief Re-patterning® is THE proven, guaranteed system of creating immediate transformation. It works. Creating a kinder and more positive world begins with each of us, making a decision to consciously create a better life for ourselves, and a better world.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help you Flip the Switch on self-talk, turn challenges into stepping stones, and realize your dreams.

Our Vision

Together, we will awaken and unleash your personal power, creating a more satisfying life and fulfilling new possibilities.

How do you experience Belief Re-patterning?

Our Sessions, Seminars, and Programs

From individual coaching sessions to group seminars and full learning programs both online and in-person, we’re here to support you. Belief Re-patterning meets your needs on your timeline, whether you are interested in being guided by an expert practitioner, learning the technique for yourself, or becoming a Belief Re-patterning Coach, move forward at your own pace and transform your life.

Introductory Event

Introductory Event

Explores how this effective and efficient means of integrating positive thinking patterns will work for you.

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-One Coaching

With guidance by a skilled Practitioner, move quickly through limiting beliefs and emotions.

Flip YOUR Switch

Flip YOUR Switch

Integrate Belief Re-patterning in your day-to-day experience and navigate with purpose and balance.

Introductory Events

Get started with an introduction to Belief Re-patterning and discover the value it will bring to your life.

Radio Shows

Lives Transformed

Program Graduates

Supporting Individuals



Creating and acting from alignment: Body, Mind and Soul



BE-ing your Best Self in order to effect the positive impact we are each born to make



A place to learn that is inclusive, respectful, and supportive


Positive Self-Talk

Claiming personal value, uniqueness and worth



Loving understanding for ourselves first and then extending that to others


In the Present

Be-ing present, we begin now, and create forward from here

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What Others are Saying

Wendy Aucoin

Airdrie AB

"During Flip YOUR Switch, I uncovered belief in myself, giving me a huge boost of confidence! I also found my own acknowledgement that I am on the correct path for my life purpose and career. 10 out of 10!"

Jim MacDonald

Calgary, AB

“I found myself and my place. The best outcome I could imagine? 10/10. I’m there!”


Calgary, AB

“The Belief Re-patterning technique has allowed such a loving and compassionate BE-ing in myself to kindly step forward and handle situations and life’s moments with grace and ease. I am thankful for the opportunity I have given myself to walk this life’s journey alongside my Inner Coach and validate where I am at lovingly along the way.”

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