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Intention for the New Year

Are you having trouble seeing clearly into the New Year? Are you challenged by the uncertainty and experiencing viral fatigue? It’s OK. You aren’t wired for this. Your brain likes patterns, and over the past 2 years the well-developed patterns  [...]

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I just wish I had more time!

Wish granted for many of us in North America this weekend. I LOVE this weekend because every year I get an extra hour – and I have been having a LOT of fun imagining how I will receive this gift of extra time. I know – people have told me that [...]

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What Others are Saying

  • “I loved it...I will be back... The Shift/Switch, what a feeling.  You are doing wonderful work, what a gift you have given.  With much gratitude, I thank you"

    Simone Diafolla, Edmonton AB
  • "The paths that I have experienced were made easier by changing my beliefs. Through Belief Re-patterning, my thoughts on guilt, sadness, hardship, and more were changed. I look at life with love and peace so that my inner child, my joie de vivre, is spreading to my friends and family. I am grateful for Suze's reminders and her enthusiasm to help heal" 

    Mardelle H., BC
  • “I learned with positive thoughts I can fly. I learned to believe in myself. “

    Terri Dennis, Calgary AB
  • "I was on a wellness journey when I encountered Belief Re-patterning . . . Just knowing that we are able to re-pattern our previous life experiences was my wake-up call. So many doors have opened for me now that I don't carry that baggage around with me."

    Donna L., Grande Prairie, AB
  • “I've been Belief Re-patterning for more than 3 years, and its benefits empower me every day.  One of the things I notice most is that often my subconscious mind takes me to the "up" side of the line automatically, without any effort from my conscious mind.  It brings me a relaxed, peaceful feeling. Thanks to you, when I have a challenge, I know I can use it as an opportunity to get to "the other side of the line."  While I still become triggered into going to the "down" side, I don't go there as deeply or stay there as long as I used to. I am becoming aware that beliefs can be changed with ease---even beliefs I've had for 50 years---beliefs I didn't realize I held so deeply.  I thought I wanted to choose "freedom from caring too much about others' opinions" of me.  Instead, you muscle-tested and directed me to "believing in myself."  This has made a big difference for me in only a few days.  I realize I can simply choose to believe in myself and reinforce it.  I needed Belief Re-patterning to get me to where I am, as other self-development techniques didn't work for me. I am grateful to you, as Belief Re-patterning has expanded every area of my life in a positive way.  I look forward to even more empowerment, fulfillment, and peace.”

    Pat Olson, West Bend, WI
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