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 Join Suze, the creator of the Belief Re-patterning System, for a life-changing experience that will give you the tools and techniques to increase your resiliency, build your positive mindset, and improve your relationships.

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Flip YOUR Switch

Following this powerful event, you will no longer be overwhelmed, frustrated, confused, stuck or lonely! You’ll discover how to shift those emotions, stop beating yourself up and putting yourself down. You’ll begin to break free of the limits you’ve experienced. You will discover and practice conscious activities, make powerful decisions and have amazing experiences, allowing you to gain clarity and figure out what you want in your life. Flip YOUR Switch will help you create the change – and the positive visible transformation – you’ve been longing for!

Flip YOUR Switch In-Person

We are excited to welcome you to a live event!

Live events are offered several times annually in the format of a 2 day interactive experiential workshop which runs during the following times:
Saturday and Sunday from 9 – 5:30pm

Check dates for live events here:

Flip YOUR Switch Online

Being Solid During Uncertain Times

Learn on your own timeline with 10 Modules of recorded videos conveniently packaged in 15-25 minute sessions to fit your schedule. You will have access to our online Library for one year to complete the course.

More Learning Opportunities

Check out our Course Catalog

We meet you where you’re at – check out the full course catalog and explore the possibilities.

Our Promise

You do your OWN work and we’ll hold the space for you to become more of who you really are… Visible transformation positively guaranteed!

Experience the Benefits

As part of Flip YOUR Switch, you will experience the following:

  • You’ll be immersed in experiences that will provide you with a basic re-patterning skill set.
  • We’ll provide the tools so the rest of your life will be the best of your life!
  • You’ll take the first steps to learning how to apply the Belief Re-patterning technique to your unique situation.
  • You’ll experience deep, meaningful and permanent transformation supporting you in BEcoming the best you can BE.
  • And… you will connect with our community that is committed to creating a kinder and more positive world.

Discover Yourself

As part of Flip YOUR Switch, you will discover the following:

  • How you can stay solid even during uncertain times
  • An effective and powerful process for you to shift from fear to confidence
  • The clarity that comes when your body, mind and soul are in alignment
  • Simple daily practices to train your subconscious mind to default to the positive, even during times of stress
  • How to cultivate a deeper belief in yourself
  • Easy ways to transform anger to peace, frustration to calm, doubt to certainty and worry to trust

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