From Idea to International Phenomenon

The story of how Belief Re-patterning came to be

Belief Re-patterning was developed over several years in the 1990’s by educator Suze Casey who literally decided to “teach herself well” by training her subconscious mind to go to the positive as a habit. With a basis in Educational Learning Theory and various energy work modalities, she developed what is now known as Belief Re-patterning, regained her health and returned to the classroom.

She was thrilled when she discovered the techniques also supported kids with learning challenges, and began studying energy work in depth to understand what she had uncovered. She quickly realized that Belief Re-patterning was unique – and desperately needed!

Suze Casey

Learn more about her Story

Suze tells more about her incredible story and the development of the Belief Re-patterning system in her book, “Belief Re-patterning: The Amazing Technique for “Flipping the Switch” to Positive Thoughts” (Hay House)

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Timeline of Events

Belief Re-patterning: Years in the Making

1999: Suze left her teaching career and built a business enabling her to share her passion – flipping the switch on negative self-talk and supporting others to silence the negative chatter in their own minds so they could live the life they dreamed of living.

2001: Suze officially opened a full-time private practice.

2002: The term Belief Re-patterning was coined by Suze to describe the specific technique of using patterned statements to shift thoughts.

2003: At the urging of her clients, Belief Re-patterning courses began.

2004: The first practitioners graduated

2012: Hay House Books published Suze’s best selling book Belief Re-patterning: The Amazing Technique for “Flipping the Switch” to Positive Thoughts

2012: Practitioner training became available online – opening up to International students.

2012 – 2013: “Flipping the Switch with Suze” (Hay House Radio show) went from obscurity to top ten in a record 4 months – a position she held for a year!

2013 – 2015: “Flipping the Switch with Suze”  continued weekly on CTR Network.

2015: Learn It – LIVE IT Transformational Seminars established by Suze and her partner, Dr. Phil Hoffmann, to extend her vision.

2016: Ensuring the legacy, Facilitator training began.

2020: Quickly pivoted to re-introduce Flip YOUR Switch Online and At Home due to COVID-19.

I had a BIG reason why – I was ill, unable to work, going through a second divorce, and financially things were tough. All of that is history – my point is I “taught myself well” from illness, heartache and debt to vibrant good health, amazing partnership and solid finances, AND by following the 7 step system I put together you can too.

-Suze Casey, Founder of Belief Re-patterning

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