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The integration of spirituality with proven, practical, and realistic learning strategies makes Belief Re-patterning unique and extremely effective. So effective we guarantee, positive results – every time!

You may have experienced months, years or possibly decades of setbacks, stress, frustration, and depression. What if you’ve already done the hard part? Belief Re-patterning can quickly turn that around to living life purposefully with ease.
We support you in achieving your best results – no matter what challenges you are facing.

Belief Re-patterning transforms what you perceive as past upsets, disappointments and setbacks, enabling you to move forward in an empowered and authentic way.

You’ll discover strategies, approaches, and methods that work for you, and create the tangible, specific and desired results you’ve been searching for.

These are not magic pill solutions or pie-in-the-sky promises. The gratitude and success stories from thousands of students and clients prove that what you’ve thought “impossible” or “improbable” is possible… and within your reach.



Founder and developer of the Belief Re-patterning system, Suze is known as the “How-To-Go-To” for positive thinking and the “Coaches Coach”. She is an internationally recognized thought leader, speaker, trainer, consultant and coach who is passionate about training others in Belief Re-patterning.



Connect with one of our Licensed Practitioners, graduates of the comprehensive Belief Specialist training program led by Suze, for one-on-one coaching sessions. They each bring their own expertise to their practice – read their bios to find the fit for you.



Nearing the completion of their training program, Belief Specialists are actively in their Practicum to become a Practitioner.

Interested in adding Belief Re-patterning to your skill set? Become a Member of our Coaching Team!

Love what you’re already doing and would like to integrate Belief Re-patterning into your services? Graduates of our Positive Self-Talk Coach program are experts in areas as widely diverse as energy work, educators, financial services, community outreach.


What Others are Saying

Maureen Luchsinger

Calgary AB

I discovered how to appreciate those critical voices in my life, how to get out of my head and connect to myself in a new way. I’ve recognized the choice is mine!

Ruth Bain


Thank you. Now I love myself, am proud of myself, and accept myself unconditionally.

Monica Lowry

New York, NY

You really helped me get out of the hole yesterday. It’s so obvious that you are with your clients 150%, and have the ability to hone in on exactly what needs to be addressed in record time. I did feel heard and I did make a shift. It was exactly what I needed. Thank you for your beautiful work. Warmly,

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