Flip Your Switch with Suze was a popular Hay House Radio program from April 2012- 2013. Those programs are available by obtaining a Hay House Wisdom Club membership.
From April 2013 – December 2015, Suze hosted her live call-in show on Contact Talk Radio.  Callers shifted their perspectives on everything from navigating family gatherings to finding the blessings in challenges to dealing with addictions. Every week featured reflections on life, along with practical ideas for reinforcing practices and Re-patterning Statements.
Shows are being rereleased – a new one will appear here each week.

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Change It is Not always what it seems

Original Broadcast: October 30, 2013

Change – neither good nor bad, It is simply your perspective. I’ll be chatting with Eldon Taylor, another Hay House author anEldond radio show host. Eldon says: “The mind is the ultimate frontier. Your potential is probably yet unrealized. Our business exists to facilitate you in realizing your personal best. That’s why we say, “Inner Talk®, when believing in yourself matters!” I’m excited to chat with Eldon about his upcoming show, and get his take on change!

Pivotal Decisions – Discover Belief Re-patterning 

Original Broadcast: November 7, 2013    –  FF to 3 minutes in

Discover the courage to show up as who you really are. Explore with Suze how Belief Re-patterning will support you in the pivotal decisions that will bring your dreams into reality. Set a lifestyle-altering goal, and watch with wonder as it unfolds. You can, and will re-pattern anything you choose. Let’s re-pattern together.

What is Fear Stopping YOU from Experiencing?

Original Broadcast: November 14, 2013   

Fear…the only thing stopping the manifestation of your dreams.
For sure – it’s real. And so is whatever the fear is stopping you from experiencing – the joy, the love, the abundance. I’ll bring the pot of tea, you show up with whatever fear you’ve simply had enough of, and we’ll walk through that old fear into a new way of being. Guaranteed!
Let’s re-pattern together.

Giving Thanks – twice!

Original Broadcast: November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday – especially because Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, and American is in November. Double the opportunity to pause and really appreciate ourselves and our lives. Yes – ourselves. The “Attitude of Gratitude” is often only expressed towards others or something outside of ourselves. It is time to complete the loop of giving and receiving and turn the gratitude toward yourself. Today Belief Re-patterning Practitioner Brenda Holden and I really explore bringing gratitude home – to your heart!

BE-ing the light

Original Broadcast: December 4, 2014

It is the full on high activity time of year, requiring each of us to be more mindful of the needs of our body, mind and soul. You arrived with a built-in immunity booster – your passion! Tap into the light you bring to the world and dissolve those year-end stressors!

It may be Better to Give than Receive, but it’s Best to Learn to Receive Well!

Original Broadcast:  December 11, 2014

Busy chasing down the perfect gifts for those that you care about? Have you considered the greatest gift you can give to a loved one is your ability to receive from them completely? There can be no “Give” without a “Receive” – I’m excited to help you put a bigger catcher’s mitt on, enabling you to receive all the gifts coming your way. It is called “The Present” for good reason!

 Let’s Just Cook!

Original Broadcast:  December 18, 2014

What dishes are you bringing to the table for this banquet called life? What’s your special sauce? Your secret ingredient? The sprinkle dust of you? Becoming conscious of your unique attributes and skills, and being willing to share the “recipe of you” enhances the “potluck” experience we all share. What is your purpose? Show up with all your gifts and skills, put on an apron and let’s “cook”!

Rejoice! Rejoice!

Original Broadcast:  December 26, 2013

At the darkest time of year, there is much to celebrate! Singer-songwriter Eileen McGann (eileenmcgann.com) and Suze share thoughts on the introspection of the dark times and the turning toward the light that each of us experiences this time of year as the shorter days become brighter.

Plans don’t Always Work Out …

Original Broadcast:  January 2, 2014

…but that doesn’t mean don’t plan! I’ve noticed so many people make their New Year’s Resolutions from what didn’t work last year. Since what we focus on expands, it doesn’t make sense to plan from what didn’t work. Focus on the bright spots of last year, what worked well, and then make your resolutions from that perspective! Today’s show will feature a couple of Grads from my popular on-line seminar “This Year’s Going to Be Different” sharing what worked for them.

Pink Cloud Thinker

Original Broadcast:  January 9, 2014

Ever been told you just need to face reality? That you are fooling yourself with all this positive thinking? How you navigate those judgments will reinforce your perspective on life. Today let’s band together and support each other in finding the upside to whatever is happening in the world. Bring on your best examples, and together we’ll shift the energy and find the upside.

It’s Just a Word

Original Broadcast:  January 16, 2014

You know how something someone said sometime ago has stuck? The memory can still evoke a strong emotion – shame, hurt, elation, pride, love, anger, joy. Words pack a punch – they are powerful carriers of emotion. The show this week will focus on removing those barbs from the slings and arrows that have been tossed your way and are hanging on and hurting. And I’ll share a simple, proactive way of using words to create what you truly want. Looking forward to chatting and connecting! Let’s re-pattern together.

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