Flip Your Switch with Suze was a popular Hay House Radio program from April 2012- 2013. Those programs are available by obtaining a Hay House Wisdom Club membership.
From April 2013 – December 2015, Suze hosted her live call-in show on Contact Talk Radio.  Callers shifted their perspectives on everything from navigating family gatherings to finding the blessings in challenges to dealing with addictions. Every week featured reflections on life, along with practical ideas for reinforcing practices and Re-patterning Statements.
Shows are being rereleased – a new one will appear here each week.

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Change It is Not always what it seems

Original Broadcast: October 30, 2013

Change – neither good nor bad, It is simply your perspective. I’ll be chatting with Eldon Taylor, another Hay House author and radio show host who is coming over toctrnetwork.com in the Wednesday 11(PT) timeslot beginning next week. Eldon says: “The mind is the ultimate frontier. Your potential is probably yet unrealized. Our business exists to facilitate you in realizing your personal best. That’s why we say, “Inner Talk®, when believing in yourself matters!” I’m excited to chat with Eldon about his upcoming show, and get his take on change! Beginning Nov 7th, I’ll be moving to a new live timeslot on ctrnetwork.com Thursdays @ 2 (PT) Let’s re-pattern together.

Pivotal Decisions – Discover Belief Re-patterning 

Original Broadcast: November 7, 2013    –  FF to 3 minutes in

Discover the courage to show up as who you really are. Explore with Suze how Belief Re-patterning will support you in the pivotal decisions that will bring your dreams into reality. Set a lifestyle-altering goal, and watch with wonder as it unfolds. You can, and will re-pattern anything you choose. * New day and time: “Flipping the Switch with Suze Casey” now goes live to air on Thursdays 2PT, 3 MT and 5 ET. Call in with your questions and comments, or to re-pattern! All shows available on demand whenever you choose. Let’s re-pattern together.

What is Fear Stopping YOU from Experiencing?

Original Broadcast: November 14, 2013

Fear…the only thing stopping the manifestation of your dreams.
For sure – it’s real. And so is whatever the fear is stopping you from experiencing – the joy, the love, the abundance. I’ll bring the pot of tea, you show up with whatever fear you’ve simply had enough of, and we’ll walk through that old fear into a new way of being. Guaranteed!
Let’s re-pattern together.

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