November 14th Self-Care Conversation and October Reflections

In October our monthly conversation was focused on recognizing the visible evidence of our accomplishments in the fall harvest season. My family and I had a big year as we transplanted ourselves from Rocky Mountain House to Calgary, Alberta, and with this comes different and new even though we lived in Calgary in the past. I do have visible evidence of my success and I also have visible evidence of Stella’s success. 

My heart is full as she is so brave every day. She has embraced a new school and is happy to go to school which is success in our books. She was very excited about Halloween and was comfortable in her own skin to wear Halloween costumes to school and on weekends even though it was not Halloween. She attended a clubhouse for youth who interpret the world differently like Stella. The agenda was to carve pumpkins and wear Halloween costumes. We arrived and met everyone. After about 10 minutes I felt Stella looked quite comfortable and I asked her if I could leave. She said yes and enjoyed herself for 2 hours in a new setting, meeting new people – brave and confident to go out into the world. Then a couple of weeks later the same group with different attendees met at chinook mall to go to a movie together and then go out for dinner together. There was one support person who Stella knew and the other people were new. We waited for people to arrive and again I asked if it was okay for Stella to go with the group without me. Stella said yes and she enjoyed the outing. This is my huge visible evidence of Stella’s accomplishments. I am so grateful to witness her confidence and empowerment and trust in herself.

This month of November I am embracing the darkness of winter as it is my permission slip to sit still and go inward and rest. This month we are talking about Self Care – Fill Your own Tank First. I realize that when I think of self-care I usually think of a bubble bath or new lipstick?!?!?!

I invite you to contemplate self-care in regards to connection. Connection with others fills me up. Stella and I were walking into the school and a little guy greeted us. I proceeded to introduce the 4 of us and then I chatted with the momma. We exchanged numbers and I suggested she meet my friend as they live close together. My friend arrived and I introduced them. This, all this, filled up my cup, and this feels like self-care for me. 

Join us in conversation to imagine and expand your self-care as we roll into this holiday season. With new self-care tools in your shed, you may be ready for the best holiday season ever. 

Tuesday, November 14th, 2023 at 7pm – register at

With Grace and Gentle Ease

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