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Kathleen Harkins

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I am an enthusiastic student of life, a momma bear and a trade activist.

You know you are ready to move forward, but find yourself stuck in a cycle of overwhelm and chaos.

You are looking for calm and joyful fulfillment, but those old behaviours that protected you in the past are now in the way. They kept you safe, and now you want to move forward.

In the past I felt overwhelmed by life circumstances.  I have studied many modalities including Therapeutic Touch, Vibrational Energy Oracle Cards, and Recovery through Al-Anon. I began my journey with Belief Re-Patterning a decade ago.

BR is a wonderful technique that helps us become aware of our thoughts and

inspires us to grow personally in many significant ways. It provides guidance and tools to move from feelings that are stuck in the gunk with our minds spinning to overcoming adversity celebrating a new achievement one step at a time.

Through my ability to blend experience with education into a synergistic whole

I provide a space for you to feel peacefully secure and confident in yourself with the intentional decisions you are making, and to feel the power of making choices that suit you. We will work together to support you to refresh and follow your awareness, point you in the direction you want to go with dignity, allowing the grace of your spirit.

We are co-creating a legacy and affirming the worth and value of ourselves and others as we show up in our abundant lives.

I am proud to join a community of equitable and congruent members from multiple disciplines all working toward a greater good for themselves, their communities and vibrating out into the world.

I invite you to take the opportunity to connect with myself or another dynamic individual in the BR community.


“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. “ Dr. Seuss


Kathleen Harkins


Core Values:

Respect                               Satisfaction

Trust                                    Honest

Honourable                          Edify

Enlighten                             Intuitive In Spirit


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