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Beverly Cavadini

A colleague of mine had attended Flip Your Switch and handed me an Inner Critic to Inner Coach card saying, “You will LOVE this!” I recall thinking, “I am a happy person, I don’t need to learn how to be happy” so I put the card in my purse and there it stayed.

A year later I experienced a medical mishap while doing my job as a registered nurse and soon after was confronted with a number of health issues (all unrelated to the work injury). I had reached my tipping point. My spirit was crushed and I had no clue how to make any of it better. This downward spiral continued until I felt I could handle no more and made a plan to take my life. In that moment of despair, I remembered the card in my purse. I knew I needed help and registered for the Flip Your Switch weekend. On Friday night the warmest and friendly people greeted me and for the first time in almost a year, I had hope. Hope that I could conquer this “crisis” and emerge as “my old self”.

Not only did I find my “old self” but excavated my “true and authentic self”. Suze Casey and her Belief Re-patterning are a gift to the world. I now truly LOVE myself (Including my perfect imperfections). I TRUST that I can overcome any obstacle or challenge that I may face. I have discovered self RESPECT and easily acknowledge my true WORTH. I HONOUR my humanness and relish all of the glorious moments in my life.

I have many titles of things I “DO” (I am an RN, a Reiki Master, Belief Specialist) but my most meaningful role is to “BE”. BEing true to my core values and shining my light on the world is my joy. If you have found yourself in a dark place with no idea of what to do or where to start, it would be my pleasure and honour to accompany you on your journey. Please remember you are not “broken” you do not need to be fixed. You are in the right place at the right time to discover who you truly are.

Areas of Expertise: Belief Specialist, Reiki Master, Registered Nurse, Bachelor of Nursing, Rehabilitation Services (experience with energy work, mental health, addiction, correctional services, emergency, and medical care, working with individuals with special needs and their families).

Core Values:
Love, Trust, Respect, Worth and Honour

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