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Carmen Wiste

Hi there! I’m Carmen, a forever student of life, a mother of two, a wife, and a farm girl at heart. Growing up on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border, I was always drawn to the space, animals, and freedom of farm life. After high school, I moved to the city and found myself in a job that didn’t align with my passions. But, I knew what I wanted in life: a loving husband, children, and an acreage. Sometimes, life doesn’t go according to our timelines, but with patience and persistence, we can achieve our dreams. I’ve achieved some of mine and am holding space for the rest of them!

As a photographer, I love capturing people’s best moments and seeing the joy on their faces. But, I realized I wanted to feel that same joy in my own life. In 2018, I discovered belief re-patterning and began my journey of self-discovery. I wanted to feel the positive effects of shifting my mindset every day, but I didn’t have the resources to study the Belief Specialist program. However, the community held space for me, and eventually, I was able to take the course.

In 2021, I learned another amazing skill: Raindrop and Vitaflex, which uses essential oils and our body’s natural currents to up the vibe within ourselves. As I continued to grow through my training, I was given the opportunity to expand my Raindrop practice to include Tuning Forks, Crystals, and coloured light therapy.

It’s incredible what we can attract when we raise our vibration. Though some days can be challenging, I’m excited to share my skills and help others move into more supportive thoughts with the Raindrop technique and belief re-patterning. Let’s raise our vibrations together!

Thank you so much!

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