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Desirea Turner

Hello, and welcome. My name is Desirea, and I am honoured you are taking a moment to explore Belief Re-patterning and what I can offer you.

I support others in moving through conflict and feeling stuck, to arrive on the other side more firmly grounded in peace, clarity and the natural momentum and flow of life. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been fighting, how deep the hole you’ve dug is, or how insurmountable the hurdle in front of you appears. You have the power to transform your thoughts, your feelings, and your life. It also turns out that I know an efficient and effective technique that will support you.

I know the technique works. It works for me, and I’ve seen it support exponential growth and positive change in the lives of those around me. Ask anyone in this community, we all have a story.

Anyone can learn and use this technique, and I’d love to help you experience and engage with it.

This stuff is my JAM! Seriously.

I started studying social work when I was 18, probably because I needed as much help as the world I was hell bent on saving. Its been an incredible, and difficult, and enlightening path. I’ve discovered that I am good with words, and good with people. I’ve discovered that genuine connection, and helping by empowering rather than doing for… watching that person you see and believe in glimpse and believe in them self… watching them take flight. That’s the stuff that makes my soul sing.

If you choose to experience and engage the Belief Re-patterning technique through me I will:

Meet you where you are, as you are, genuinely and compassionately.
Give you straight talk. That means respectful and considerate, without sugar-coating or dancing around the truth.
Be authentic and honest with you, and I will co-create safe space where you can be authentic and honest too.
Empower and support you to make conscious choices from the space of possibility and your personal power.
Insist that we create opportunities to play and have fun while we do it!

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