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Katelyn Hedin

Hello beautiful soul, my name is Katelyn, and I believe working together towards your positive transformation and personal growth is sacred. I invite you now to pause for a moment of self- gratitude. By actively choosing to deepen the connection with yourself and your healing, you open the gateway to abundant manifestation and all possibilities.

The power of the mind has been no secret to me for most of my life. I have spent 10+ years cultivating a practice around a positive and supportive mindset, which has allowed me to flow more smoothly through the ups and downs of life. I have a deep understanding that my beliefs and state of mind, create my state of being, and ultimately how I experience life. In 2021 I became pregnant, and throughout my journey of conception to home-birth and into motherhood, I have been intently focused on my beliefs, thoughts and self talk. This positive experience created a fire within me about supporting other women in mindset coaching, as I realized the truth in “where focus goes, energy flows”. Immediately after I finished my first Belief Re-patterning session, I knew training in this technique was my path. It is simple, yet incredibly effective with a lasting impact. Once you begin to re-pattern, you will never be the same – in the most powerful and positive way!

I am honored you are taking the time to consider me as your guide along your growth journey. Together we will create a sacred container for some of your most profound work. I allow my intuition to guide me in creating unique and powerful statements that will help you shift your energy and perspective. My guidance is from the heart, and I am committed to holding you accountable to your intentions and goals. You and your purpose here on earth are needed, and together we will intentionally transmute old and unsupportive beliefs, emotions and behaviors by consciously creating new ones that allow you to realize your potential and connect to your purpose. This intention will take time, effort and commitment, but you can and will arrive on the other side. Choosing to work together will lead you towards your true state of being, the person you desire to show up as – the person you came here to be.

I am incredibly grateful to be fulfilling my purpose through our work together. I love working with clients who are ready to release old ways of being, who are open and curious about themselves and the world, and those who desire to connect to and live from their inner truth. I am also intensely passionate about supporting women through any stage of their conception to motherhood journey, as I understand personally how vitally important your beliefs and internal dialogue are during that time. If you are seeking to live authentically, connect to your surrender state and create more flow in your life, I look forward to walking through that fire together and witnessing your empowered emergence on the other side.

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