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Liv Matthews

Hey, I’m Liv! I’m an intergender psychologist-in-training and a Twitch co-streamer with my fiancé. I like video games, cats, rainbows, neon lights, music, glitter, sparkles, excessively soft things, science, astronomy, particle physics, technology, and memes. People describe me as approachable, easy-going, non-judgemental, eccentric, empathetic, quirky, nerdy, intuitive, wise, spunky, and kind.

My Core Values are SPECIAL 😉:
Synergy – We get vastly more out of collaboration and harmony than the sum of what would come out of us all existing separately
Playfulness – Be silly! Have fun! Whatever brings you joy is worth doing!

Equilibrium – We get the most out of life when we find our own happy mediums between attending to needs and satisfying wants

Chillness – Viewing life, ourselves, and others from an accepting, down to earth, easygoing standpoint
Improvement – Life is about always moving forward, growing, and stepping more and more into being our awesome selves!

Authenticity – Getting the most out of life and our relationships requires being honest and true to who we are and what we value!
Love – Be caring and compassionate towards everyone openly and freely, ESPECIALLY towards ourselves!!

I know what it’s like to struggle with chronic mental and physical illness; if I made a list of all the ailments my life has been visited and continues to be visited by, we’d be here all day. I know what it’s like to be treated unfairly and to feel unseen, unwanted, and to lose sight of any possible way forward. Yet with all of these experiences, I am here, and I am thriving! Living through these experiences has given me all the more reason to want to show others that there’s hope for more than we could ever dream of. I understand how insanely challenging and impossible it can seem to be able to cope – and I am here to shine a light on the way forward and walk alongside you every step of the way. We all have awesomeness inside us, and we can uncover that awesomeness together!

Belief Re-patterning has supported me in finding myself, owning my purpose, and moving forward in life with motivation and inspiration. I am stoked for you to come as you are and to share this learning technique with you so that together, we can all Liv(e) Inspired!

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