Joanne Neweduk

Joanne Neweduk is the CEO and Podcast Host for Fabulous at 50 a community of women changing the aging narrative, and Founder of FabulousHealth. 

She’s a registered nurse, author, speaker, facilitator, and integrative health practitioner, certified in multiple healing methods including: Metabolic Balance, Belief Re-patterning, and Sound Wellness.

Joanne empowers women in midlife who want to feel fabulous at 50 and beyond by giving them the tools to navigate menopause with ease, lose unwanted weight and release the emotional stress that is weighing them down, so that they can confidently enjoy life.

Joanne is all about having the courage to choose adventure, accept support, and to know you deserve to be cherished.  Nothing makes Joanne smile more than supporting a client to move from feeling stressed, wired and tired, to relaxed, calm and energized.


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