Chelsea Pearce

A few years ago, I was introduced to Belief Re-patterning by a good friend of mine. She had just attended a weekend event and when I went to visit her, I was instantly astounded -the energy she was emanating was something I had never experienced before (and at the time didn’t really know what I was experiencing). All I knew is that she was different and knew that I needed some of whatever she just got!! I was beyond curious and after trying to get as much information as I could, I felt this would become part of my life at some point but at the time I had no idea how. Fast forward 2 years and I have turned that curiosity into a business built on community, understanding, uplifting others, and personal freedom. The techniques and tools that I have learned through Belief Re-patterning have helped me change my perceptions of myself, my life, and my everyday circumstances. In times where I used to struggle and pity myself, I have found the courage to speak my truth and stand in my power – even if I don’t always know what that looks like. These skills along with the love and support of the community helped me stay solid and grounded throughout Covid, instead of spiraling through the negativity and fear brought on by the media and isolation guidelines. Belief Re-patterning has released me from my old habits of talking down to myself and telling myself I am incapable and stuck and transformed my inner dialogues to ones that are hopeful, in flow and – most of all – make me believe I am worthy. This way of being is what I like to describe as “Dancing Through Fire”. People work with me because I am an engaged listener and trusted confidant; you can count on me to be a foundation to support you through life’s ups and downs as well as lead you in business. My mission is to passionately guide people through the obstacles that are holding them back from being who they are and living their dream life. I help people get out of the old negative habits and create a future better than they could have ever dreamed. Utilizing my systems and tools combined with my mentorship and the support of a larger community, we will help you create the life of your dreams… or something even better. I am born and raised in Calgary, AB and I have been working in one of the largest medical laboratories in the city for the last 14 years. I have always had a desire to help people and I truly believe that my years of service have truly impacted the lives of patients and their families- whether I see them face to face or not. Over the last few years, the passion and excitement that I once had for my career slowly started to dwindle…. now I have my sights set on a bigger and brighter future that includes traveling the world and becoming a founder of my own elephant sanctuary in Thailand. My biggest passions are traveling, caring for animals, snowboarding and scuba diving – really anything that involves being out enjoying mother nature. Welcome to My Wonderful World… Let’s Dance! My website:

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