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Kacie Beluse Knight

If you found me, we share a mission: You’re here to make the world a brighter, kinder and more loving place, even if you’re not sure how . . .

You do it in small ways, every day: When you smile at a stranger on the street, or when you do your best to be a loving friend, parent or partner.

I know you know these small things make a difference, but you are feeling a soul calling to do more!

First things first, thank you for being here, and doing all that you do!

Now a few questions for you: What if I told you that every crappy, awful thing that had ever happened to you was the very thing that honed your skills so you could take this mission to light up the world to the next level? What if all that pain had a purpose and it was teaching you exactly what you needed to know?

What would life look like if you fully trusted your gut? Had the confidence to speak your truth? Felt safe enough to share so vulnerably and authentically that your soul family, clients and friends were magnetically drawn to you?

What would life feel like if you opened to all the freedom and abundance that is your birthright?

What could you create? How could you change the world?

Belief Re-patterning has supersized my superpower of finding the silver linings, the opportunity in the challenge and turn lead into GOLD! I was always an optimist who had a sneaking suspicion I could do anything I wanted, when I was a kid… The thing is, I kept my dreams very small and reasonable to avoid being disappointed. I originally dreamed of having a thriving business teaching, and inspiring people on a global level, then kind of forgot about it (for a little while).

Belief Re-patterning helped me dream big again, and then invest in myself to make it happen! I had already developed one dream business sharing mindset, magic and mastery with people of all ages through Joyful Movement. I was even working as an Artist In Residence in Elementary schools. Then on the summer solstice of 2019, my intuition told me to change everything! Pivot my business online completely and forget about in person events for awhile (with this sense that it would all come back around eventually). I didn’t understand why, but I did it anyway, following my intuitive guidance, and building the online platform on the side of my in-person workshops, with a sense of urgency.

When the Corona virus pandemic hit and all in-person events were cancelled, my digital business was already up and running! I specialise in supporting heart-centered entrepreneurs in turning their spiritual gifts, like their intuition into their superpowers, to fulfil their soul mission to light up the world. The first month of our global shut down, I had the most profitable month of my life, empowering and inspiring people to listen to their own intuitive nudges.

We don’t know where our guidance will lead us, but our intuition has access to a much more imaginative and visionary perspective. Our focus needs to be on the feelings we want to create, without worrying so much about the how. It also requires trust and surrender, as well as aligned action so we can speak and embody our truths and create the life of your dreams!

I can guide you through the process of transforming the limits that are holding you back from making your own dreams a reality with Belief Re-patterning and Joyful Alchemy.

I want you to DREAM BIG! We need your world changing vision now more than ever.

I felt so very alone on my mission for so long. I adore connecting with other dreamers now as we support each other in co-creating a world of unity, harmony, abundance and love, rather than scarcity, fear and separation. It is going to take each one of us working together.

Areas of Expertise: Mindset, Movement & Magic: Elemental Creation Coach, Alchemical Creation Priestess, Reiki Master, Intuitive Guide for Soulpreneurs, Ascension Doula, Energy Facilitator and Teaching Artist

Core Values: Love, Intuition, Alignment, Magical Creation, AbunDANCE, Sacred Play, Integrity.

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