Mary Gale

The funny thing about life is that it goes off in directions you don’t expect.

Even though I know this happens it still was a surprise and shock to me when it did.

I didn’t know I would become a kidney donor, that there would be mental illness in a loved one, that I would become a widow, that I would decide to move and navigate many other decisions.

My life took paths I didn’t expect. Some were beautiful. Some were gifts. Some were very much the opposite.

The easy turns were lovely. The hard turns, well I needed help with those.

Sometimes I needed someone to listen, other times a change in perspective was helpful. Or there was encouragement. A hug. A walk…

There are many forms of assistance. I am so grateful that I had many supportive hands to grasp and to help keep me going. Coaches, healers, friends and family.

And I learned from the support of all of these loving people how to be  supportive of others navigating similar situations.

So I offer support to you when your road takes a sudden turn or feels like it’s heading off a cliff. For when you feel stuck and don’t know what to do next.

Or if you want to make your path even better than it is already.

I offer the gift of Belief Re-patterning which is a large part of my own support system.

As a Belief Re-patterning practitioner my aim is to help guide you to a new perspective and back on your path with clearer intention of where you are headed. I am here for you.

Namaste, Mary


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