Renee Nadeau

I began practicing Belief Re-patterning back in 2006 in Calgary, AB, after undergoing three years of intensive training with the developer, Suze Casey. Since then, my journey has led me to explore various ventures, from traveling to deepening my knowledge and practice in Yoga, Sound Healing with the didgeridoo, family constellation work and numerous healing modalities aimed at supporting inner reflection and transformation. Embracing motherhood, I settled in Ucluelet, BC, where I am thrilled to announce the reopening of my Belief Re-patterning practice. I’m eager to support others with this transformative learning technique, drawing from years of experience and growth.
After a hiatus from working directly with clients, here is a testimonial from my first client in years…


“What an incredibly helpful healing experience! Renee swiftly and expertly got to the heart of the matter during my Belief Re-patterning session. Essentially with one word and an immensely helpful hour of time working together, she provided me with the most valuable revelation that I can tangibly and immediately integrate in my day-to-day thoughts and experiences with meaningful benefit. She is gentle, loving and so good at what she does! A 10/10 experience.”
~ Kimberly Millar


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